Walking through TCU’s campus you’ll see so many people you know. It is a given that you can't get from one side of campus to the other without seeing someone you know whether from Frog Camp or class or perhaps from Whiskey Rose the night before. All of the people you see are unique -- except when it comes to what they are wearing.

There is a definite underground dress code here, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. You won't find it written down anywhere, but you sure notice it. Walk through Worth Hills, wander around Club Lib, look in a lecture hall in Sid-Rich or ask a professor, we all notice it.

Your average TCU girl begins her day in athletic shorts, most likely Lululemon or Nike, an oversized (probably Greek affiliated) Comfort Colors t-shirt and either Nikes or her Tory Burch sandals.

Surprisingly, the guys have a range of their attire. You’ll see two different looks: a pair of either jeans or khakis, paired with a button-down polo and boots or a Greek-affiliated t-shirt (not oversized) and tennis shoes.

TCU is not like a private high school. Shirts don't need to be tucked in. Shorts don't have to have a certain inseam length. The dress code is enforced by the stares and multiple questions one receives when they are dressed differently.

I adhere to TCU’s dress code, not because of the stares, but because it is comfy and easy. I sometimes need to be dressed up for work or a presentation, and I will admit I get looks and multiple questions.

Just for fun, here are the top four comments I receive if I am ever out of dress code:

“Oh, you’re dressed up today”

“Why are you in jeans today?”

“Do you have a presentation today?”

"Why do you look so nice?"