Taylor Swift Doesn't Deserve The Hate She Gets

Taylor Swift Doesn't Deserve The Hate She Gets

They say she's "money hungry" or "dramatic" or "a snake"


Maybe I'm a little biased because I am one of the biggest T-Swift fans out there, but there have to be some people that agree with me when I say that she gets way too much hate for the person that she is. Of course, I don't know her personally so how would I know right? But people who don't like her for whatever reason don't know her either, so they also wouldn't really know. What I do know is that many of the reasons that people say they don't like Taylor Swift or why they give her hate aren't the most valid reasons most of the time. Again, maybe I'm a little biased because she is one of my all-time favorite people, but I have my reasons.

I understand if people say they don't necessarily like Taylor's music. I get it, everyone has different music tastes. I'm sure though everyone has caught themselves at least a couple times singing along to one of her songs because they're so catchy. A lot of times I hear or see that people don't like Taylor because she's always writing songs about her exes and love. So? Who doesn't these days? You don't see male artists who write about love and relationships being criticized about it. Even Ariana Grande just released a song where she directly mentions her exes by name. I love Ariana and her music, but if Taylor did that, I'm sure she'd be getting so much more hate and not as much praise for it.

Sometimes people might say they don't like Taylor because of her personality. They say she's "money hungry" or "dramatic" or "a snake". I could go on forever about how these things aren't true, but I'll just say a few for now. I can see why people might think that Taylor is money hungry, with the whole Apple Music letter and not putting her music on streaming sites. If she was truly money hungry, she would charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for meet and greets like other celebrities. But she doesn't. She has meet and greets before and after almost all of her concerts for free. On top of that, she has other special events for fans, also for free. She even invites fans to her house to play her albums for them before they're released. People may say what they want about Taylor Swift, but I'd say that just based on those couple of facts she has a pretty amazing heart and she cares so much about her fans.

On other claims that Taylor is maybe too dramatic or a snake from that Kanye and Kim drama way back when there's always going to be a lot of controversy with that. I say believe what you want, but people can't base their opinion on a person off of one event or story they hear. All celebrities are a little dramatic these days I think. There are also two sides to every story and nobody except the people involved knows what really happened. I admire Taylor because, despite all of the shit that everyone talks about her and all the hate that she gets, she still manages to be an amazing and genuine person. She made a joke out of everyone calling her a snake, putting snakes into her music videos, merchandise, and tour. She came back after taking a little bit of a break from the spotlight and made a killer album all about her reputation and how that doesn't define her. So, yeah, some people might not like Taylor Swift. But before someone says that they don't like her I just want them to think twice about why.

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