In case you've been living under the rock known as not being a fan of one of the greatest people alive: Taylor Swift, you have missed out on A LOT.

You've missed out on amazing music, amazing videos, and an amazing person both inside and out.

And you've missed out on being a member of a really cool group of individuals coming together in our own safe haven of Swiftiedom.

In 2017, Taylor and her team launched an app known as "The Swift Life." This is a place for Swifties to meet other Swifties, make inside jokes, share stories, and hopefully interact with Taylor.

It's basically Facebook for Swifties.

I am especially thankful for it because Taylor gets way too much sh*t on regular social media sites. Who can forget the infamous meltdown over Time Magazine's 'Person of The Year' in 2017, even though Taylor had taken her sexual assaulter to court and won? What about the many articles written about Taylor's neutral political stance, but hardly any denouncing her enemy Kanye West for openly supporting the lunatic who lives in the White House? Or the people accusing her of "bullying Kim Kardashian" after Taylor spoke about the online harassment at her tour? And let's not forget the people who said she "wrote a whole album about Kanye and Kim,'' when they haven't even listened to the whole thing.

The Swift Life is supportive of several different thinkers in the Swiftie community, and many have made lifelong friends from the app. Members will create hashtags, one of my personal favorites is #dearjakegyllenhaal, and play games like, Taymoji bingo.

If you are wondering what Taymojis are, they are pretty straightforward. Each song by Taylor has a pack of specifically designed Taymojis that can correspond to the song's lyrics, video, or live performance. In addition, the app hosts fun "events' where users can collect more Taymojis. The way to collect Taymojis and packs is to like users posts, leave Taymojis on posts, and look for gifts from users.

Taylor posts on The Swift Life often, and sometimes even before she posts on Instagram. TSL users found out about Taylor's decision to reveal a fact about the reputation tour each day before the general public. Taylor also will reblog posts she likes when she gets on the app.

I have been on the app for over a month now and have a pretty decent collection of Taymojis, and have found some other people to talk to other social medias. I have made some major accomplishments in the app, mainly because I spent way too much time on it. I won't get into the details of my accomplishments because I want people to join the app to learn more. I recommend any Swiftie to join The Swift Life because I would like to meet some more of you one there. You might not meet Taylor, but I'm hoping you'll settle for me.