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13 Reasons I'm A Fan Of Taylor Swift Forever And Always

The reputation stadium tour was everything us Swifties could've asked for and more.

13 Reasons I'm A Fan Of Taylor Swift Forever And Always
Sophie Kostrzewa

The mashups, the surprise songs, and the wristbands that lit up to the music were just the beginning of the production she put on for us on her stadium tour.

As I reflect on the show I was lucky enough to experience last night, I can't help but think of the all the things that make her so genuine and so incredible.

There are countless reasons I have continued to support her for 10 years and they are the same reasons I'll support her for 10(+) more.

1, 2, 3 LET'S GO, B*TCH!

My love and appreciation for Taylor have not dimmed since 2008 and I plan to be jamming at her concerts when I'm old and grey.

If you're a T-Swift hater, here are 10 reasons you should probably reconsider:


1. The love she gives her fans is above and beyond.

Taylor truly cares about her fans...like on a whole other level. There is no other star of her magnitude that gives their fandom the attention Taylor does. Whether it be on social media, in person, or through her employees, she takes the time to appreciate and get to know her fans as much as possible.

2. She is a lyrical genius.

Dear John, Red, Style, Getaway Car. 'Nough said.

3. She is just as weird as the rest of us.

Watch the making of the "Look What You Made Me Do" video and there will be no additional explanation required here. She is unapologetically herself and gives her fans confidence to do the same.

4. Her character teaches valuable life lessons that we could all learn from.

Her humbleness and maturity speak volumes.

Even with how big her name has become, she takes full advantage of what she has every single day.

Between all of the hate and drama that is brought on to Taylor, she remains the bigger person and lets her side of stories come out in the music.

5. The word "concert" does not cut it for the type of PRODUCTION she creates on tour.

Taylor's mom says that Taylor had an obsession with theater which created the desire for her shows to be so top notch. Every detail, every set, every light beam & firework takes months and months of planning prior to the tour.

6. She is beautiful inside and out.

A. Just look at her.

B. Watch videos of her with fans. We do not deserve her.

7. Happy? Sad? Mad? Hurt? There's a Taylor Swift song for that...

Taylor has a song for any type of feel you've got going on.

She shares all aspects of life through her music... the ups and the downs, the highs and the lows... she allows us to use her music during those periods of our own lives.

8. She's easy to connect with.

If you look around at a Taylor Swift concert, you can't help but notice the vast diversity of fans at the shows. All ages, ethnicities, styles, etc., screaming and shouting the lyrics to every song she plays.

9. She shares the good, bad, and ugly of life in hopes of helping someone else through a rough time.

As a celebrity, you make the choice to share more of your life with the world than you'd like. On top of just the "being a celebrity" thing, her songs are all short stories about different times in her life and the courage that must take is admirable.

10. We've gotten to watch her blossom from a girl to a woman and I am here for it.

Sweet, innocent, young Taylor is no more and I am so glad that her music is evolving with her. Can we say "Dress" from the reputation album? Ouuuuuweeee.

11. Her songs are honest. There is no holding back.

I remember reading an article years ago where Taylor said she would never make a promise to not write about someone or something in her life. It's kind of just one of those things...if you're apart of Taylor's life there's a chance she'll write a song about you (you just better hope it's a good one).

Her music is raw and full of emotion.

12. Passion

If Taylor didn't have PURE PASSION for what she does, she would not be where she is. Even if you're not a fan, there's no denying that she puts everything plus some into her work. She gives it her all 100% of the time.

13. She is the definition of FEARLESS

Taylor seems to be one that often receives hate and is put down for her music, but, even in the darkest of times she finds ways to better herself and create a groundbreaking work for her fans.


All in all, I can't wait until I'm the 40-year-old mom jamming out at a Taylor Swift concert showing all the little ones what's up.

PROOF from the Nashville M&G: hoping to get a re-do one day.

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