The age-old debate with North Jerseyans versus the world. Taylor Ham or Pork Roll? Being Jersey born and raised, here are the top five reasons (in no particular order) why it should be referred to as "Taylor Ham," and why everyone who calls it "Pork Roll" is wrong.

1. It's A Culture Thing. Outsiders Don't Get It.

If you had the privilege of growing up in the great state of New Jersey and more specifically in the north, it has always been and always will be Taylor Ham. Diners and restaurants have it on their menu.

2. It Is A Regional Favorite.

Everyone eats it. EVERYONE! Especially if you need food on the go. People can find this delectable item at convenience stores or fast food establishments. Quick, easy and delicious.

3. Canadian Bacon and Taylor Ham are NOT THE SAME!

Sorry, people of Canada, you almost got it right. It tastes and looks different.

4. Taylor Ham, Not Pork Roll, Belongs On A Bagel.

Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese people. Get it right.

5. North Jersey says "Taylor Ham" And South Jersey Says "Pork Roll."

South Jersey is just a little bit behind. Don't worry, they'll catch up.

So, people of the world, It is TAYLOR HAM!