The Best Restaurants Near Rutgers University And Around New Brunswick
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14 Of Best Places To Grab Lunch At Rutgers, On-Campus And Around New Brunswick

From the original grease trucks to Easton ave, there are plenty of places to go on every campus and grab lunch until you find your favorite spot, which you will need at some point in your college career.

Cakes and pies at Henry's Diner new brunswick

Let's face it... Rutgers is definitely one of those colleges known for its food around town. From the original grease trucks to Easton ave, there are plenty of places to go on every campus and grab lunch until you find your favorite spot, which you will need at some point in your college career. When the day comes (and it will come) when you can no longer stand the dining halls, you'll need to start figuring out your favorite alternatives.

Check out these 14 favorites, in no particular order, to help narrow your list.

1. Cook Cafe and Douglass Cafe

One is located in the Cook Student Center and the other is in the Douglass Student Center. They both offer bottled drinks and a variety of meals for cash or a meal swipe. Both cafes offer a grill and a deli section to cover anything you're in the mood for, and if it's less than 9 bucks, you can swipe it. It's great if you have a bunch of swipes to use but don't feel like going to the dining halls.

2. Hansel 'n Griddle

Hansel 'n Griddle won the March Munchies in 2017 and continues to be a university favorite. They offer soups, wraps, breakfast all day, wings, crisps, paninis, burgers, salads, and amazing smoothies. Located on Easton Ave, it's not far from College Ave, and you can sit down or take it to go!

3. Anywhere in The Yard

The Yard offers multiple places to grab a bite in between class. It has it all! Looking for pizza, Krispy Pizza is for you! Maybe a sub? Jersey Mikes is there too! There's also Honeygrow for great made-to-order stir fry and salads, Surf Taco for some "coastal cuisine," At Your Doorstep carries ready-to-eat sandwiches and snacks, and check out Starbucks for some paninis and sandwiches (as well as a cup of joe.)

And, most importantly, the new home for Rutgers' famous grease truck is now here! Make sure you take a trip to RU Hungry to try one of the famous fat sandwiches!

4. Stuff Yer Face

Located on Easton Ave, Stuff Yer Face is another Rutgers favorite. Other than a favorite for beer, Stuff Yer Face is known for their amazing strombolis, with hundreds of different combinations you can create. The largest comes in 18 inches if you're really hungry, nine inches if you need a fill, or a "baby" if you feel like a small snack.

5. Henry's Diner

Located in the Livi Plaza, Henry's Diner offers both take out and a sit-down. This retro-style diner now accepts meal swipes (but don't forget to bring money for a tip!) and offers a variety of meals. Wraps, salads, classic sandwiches, grilled cheese, burgers, breakfast all day, pasta, fries and even seafood! Stop by and enjoy one of their fan favorites, and don't forget to add on one of their delicious milkshakes!

6. Noodle Gourmet

Known to Rutgers as the best Chinese food in the area, Noodle Gourmet is known for their delicious Hong Kong style noodles. Located on Easton Ave, they offer several combination platters, amazing fried rice, hot soup, and plenty of sides. Don't forget to pick up a bubble tea!

7. Hidden Grounds

Although they are known for their amazing coffee and tea, they do offer some delicious sandwiches and pastry. "Hidden" on Easton Ave, this cafe has a great atmosphere to sit down and enjoy some lunch... and some coffee.

8. Woody's

Located in the Kessler Teaching Building on Busch, Woody's offers both hot and cold meals, bottled drinks, and pastries. If you have meal swipes to use and you're not feeling the Busch dining hall, take a trip over to Woody's.

9. Diesel and Dukes

This tiny little restaurant on Easton Ave is a burger joint with an interesting menu. Diesel and Dukes offers several specialty burgers, hot dogs, and a side order of fries, including poutine! Stop by here before class and don't forget to take a thing of fried Oreos to go too!

10. King of Gyro

Also located on Easton Ave, King of Gyro is the place to go for halal food! Gyros, king platters, falafels, heroes, and wraps all make this restaurant up. Stop in or order online and enjoy!

11. Qdoba

A cozy but booming restaurant located in the Livi Plaza, Qdoba offers tacos, burritos, nachos, taco salads, burrito bowls, and tortilla soup. Take a short walk across the street by the fountains to enjoy, and don't forget the guac!

12. Korean BBQ & Grill (KBG)

Located on Easton Ave, KBG is known for their delicious burrito bowls of select meat, rice, sauces, and veggies. They also offer wings, soup, and fried pork cutlets. Pick up or delivery, this is the place to go if you're feeling something new and delicious.

13. Wings Over Rutgers

Looking for the best wings in town? Look no further! With 26 flavors, Wings Over Rutgers offers both boneless and bone-in, along with wraps and ribs. Located on Easton Ave, stop by and try a new flavor. Maybe you'll find a new favorite!

14. Panera

Recently opened last year on College Ave, Panera is a good spot to sit down and do some homework while you enjoy lunch. On top of sandwiches, salads, and delicious pastries, this place also offers some hot soup and fantastic mac and cheese to warm you up in the winter as you wait for the bus.

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