The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide For The Taurus Bride
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The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide For The Taurus Bride

The Taurus Bride's Ultimate Guide to Wedding Planning

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide For The Taurus Bride

Taurus Wedding Trend:

All The Pre-Wedding Parties- When about to tie the knot, this bull would love to have an engagement party, a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, and a chance to hang with friends and get presents.

Engagement Ring:

The Ring for Taurus: A Taurus will admire the clean lines of a princess cut diamond with a simple setting. Taurus signs have a tasteful eye for simplicity, design, and value.

Wedding Date:

Springtime is here: An earth sign, the Taurus bride will want to be surrounded by nature on her wedding day. Aim for a spring wedding date when new life is beginning to sprout.

Wedding Venue:

Sophisticated and Grounded: Taurus have an eye for beauty, but you're also incredibly down to earth and practical. Taurus don't want anything too extravagant or opulent, but you still want it to be beautiful and charming. Taurus cannot stomach anything that lacks beauty and sophistication.


Minimalism is best: A white or eggshell cardstock, complete with impeccable calligraphy, will set the stage for the classic affair without being overdone. Minimalist details like these are what let your quiet confidence truly shine.


Rustic Outdoor Wedding: A Taurus is a lover of nature, and they feel eternal peace when surrounded by it. Not confined to indoor spaces, the Taurus inspired wedding often includes all the natural elements like natural wood, greenery, and everything that depicts nature. They love to incorporate handcrafted and organic details in their ceremonies, as well.

Color Pallete:

Blue and Earthy Tones: Taurus brides are artistic, pale blue, blue-green and moss green are the best way to go.

Bridal Party and Shower:

Brunch Buffet + Pj's+ BFF's: The perfect Taurus Bridal Shower. Taurus bride has a particular sense of style. A gorgeous brunch party is just the trick to incorporate as much decadence as possible! Ask girls to wear satin PJs and set up a brunch buffet.

Besties for the Resties: Taurus' are loyal to their core, so while they socialize with many people, they open up to just a few. Three or so of your closest friends will do the job, and you'll be comforted knowing that these important women have your back while they're by your side.

Wedding Dress:

Classic: Since they prefer not to be risk-takers in their fashion choices we think they would be most comfortable in a beautiful and classic wedding dress style. A ball gown silhouette or a crystal-embellished A-line would definitely match their "down to earth style" and make them feel confident on the big day. A classic wedding dress style will also give off a dreamy fairytale vibe that earth signs totally adore.


Lavender: Those under the sign of Taurus are often gentle and grounded, and the fresh scent and rustic look of lavender is just the thing they need at their nuptials. It can be incorporated in your bouquet, decorations, or even used as a hairpiece!


Food is the way to a Taurus heart: Pastels and garden-inspired flowers will abound at your reception, with a traditional setup inside an elegant hall. But the food is where you pay most mind—you know what your guests are looking for and you deliver. The menu is sure to feature lots of fresh, delicious options to satisfy an array of tastes, along with a handful of tried-and-true comfort foods with a gourmet twist.

Wedding Cake

Traditional is Best: A traditional tiered cake is your best bet here, but don't be shy about incorporating fresh flowers into the design. As for the flavor, your palate wins again. A rich red velvet flavor with a traditional filling done to perfection is just the sweet treat you'll be looking for after dinner.


Good food and drink are all you need to be happy on your honeymoon: Super down-to-earth Taurus gals enjoy the smaller things in life. Bali is the place to be for Taureans. With their very own massage parlors and relaxation resorts, this is the place to unwind and get rid of that wedding day stress.

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