Tattoos: Mature or Immature?
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Tattoos: Mature or Immature?

Tattoos are a heated subject, some older folks claiming they're immature and ugly, while the younger generation admires tattoo bearers and considers them to be fashionable.

Tattoos: Mature or Immature?

A show that regularly features tattoos and what inspired me to write this article is the FX show "Sons of Anarchy". The show is based on the life of Jax Teller, a young member of an outlaw biker gang that runs guns and frequently gets involved with the law. This show is no stranger to the topic of tattoos, as every member of the Sons bears a large tattoo on their back of a reaper with the words "Sons of Anarchy" across their upper back. Along with that tattoo, the members have various other tattoos, including the names of their kids or significant others. The tattoos fit the tone of the show perfectly- rebellious and bada**.

Tattoos have been around for centuries, even millennia. The earliest recorded tattoo was on Otzi the Iceman, dated to be between 3370 B.C and 3100 B.C. The tattoos were thought to be therapeutic, as they are placed where the Iceman suffered injuries on his spine and wrist. Tattoos were also recorded and seen on Polynesian and Pacific Islander tribes(a good representation would be in the Disney movie "Moana"). Tattoos here are cultural, as they are the marks of warriors or marks that denoted which tribe one belonged too. Various other tribes across the continents utilize tattoos as marks of adulthood or warriorhood.

Over the years, the purpose of tattoos in my opinion has not changed: to mark the body with significant markings or symbols representing what matters to one the most. One might get a tattoo of a cross, representing the Christian faith and the values that person carries. Or they might bear a tattoo of a significant quote from a movie that resonated with them on a spiritual level. Or they might get a tattoo just because it looks cool, and in most cases, it does look cool.

Tattoos are the topic of debate because of how the older generation(of course there are some exceptions) considers tattoos to be "unprofessional" or "immature". Their argument is usually that there is no significance to marking up the body with symbols and images, so why would one mark their body and make it "ugly". In my opinion, tattoos are very mature, as they imply a conscious decision to leave something permanent on their skin. That is, of course, if it was a conscious decision and was not decided upon in the heat of the moment. Permanent decisions made in the heat of the moment are always a bad idea. That may be where I agree with people who consider tattoos to be immature.

There is also the argument for tattoos that claims that tattoos are pieces of art that one bears 24/7 on their body. This argument is usually argued by tattoo artists and avid supporters of tattoos, as they have a deeper sense of the purpose of tattoos and what they signify. I agree with them on this, since if the tattoo comes out nice, it usually is a very nice piece of art. An example would be a rose, or another colorful image.

Tattoos have been around even before some of the oldest religious texts, and I don't think they're going away anytime soon. Their significance and cultural impact is great, and just like their application, will be a permanent part of the human race.

Tattoos in my opinion aren't immature or unprofessional, as they demonstrate a consciousness to make decisions that leave lasting effects. I would get a tattoo, but it would require hours of thinking and deliberation.

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