My Tattoo Is Gonna Show This Summer

We need to have a talk about tattoos showing in the summertime. I'm new to all of this because I got my first tattoo last fall, but I know with the summer months coming up and with my tattoo in a highly visible area many people will ask about it. I've been on vacation for almost two weeks and I've already had a handful of people ask about my tattoo.

I have a semicolon tattoo on my ankle, which is a reminder to myself to never give up. When I show it to people that are in my parent's generation or older they always ask if it's a grease stain. I then proceed to tell them about my tattoo and what it means to me. After explaining it to them they almost always say something close to "Well, at least it's small enough that you could cover it up or change it into something else in the future". Usually I don't say anything because I don't like to argue, but In my head I'm thinking I got this tattoo for a reason and I'm not going to ever want to change it. I got this tattoo as a reminder to myself; not for the reactions from other people.

Keeping that in mind I hope I don't get judged too harshly for my tattoo this summer, but if it happens it happens. Growing up my mom always said people with tattoos were gross and scary and I'd always defend them because you never know what a person's personality is really like by their outward appearance. I will always stand up for people with tattoos because they don't change who they are as a person. They're just a way for people to express their thoughts and feelings in a way they can be physically seen.

I hope after reading this you may be a little more accepting of people with tattoos. And if you already are, that's great! Let's make 2017 the summer of letting each other wear our tattoos without fear of being judged!

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