You know you've judged someone for their tattoo at least once. Maybe it's the placement or what the tattoo is. An employer may not hire you because of your tattoo, or they may make you cover it up to be professional. I have no problem with covering it up, but to not get hired because of your tattoo is ridiculous. It is a part of you and represents something important in your life. It's such a stereotype to say that people who have tattoos are trouble-makers or bad people. Tattoos should be off limits for people to attack you for. That's your business, your body, your history, and your money. My tattoos mean so much to me and I plan on getting two more. I might even get a full arm sleeve because I love tattoos that much. You can read mine because they are both scripture tattoos, but you will never know the true meaning behind them. There is so much meaning behind both of my tattoos and that is my business. It is art and it is truly beautiful. You don't have to like tattoos or have them yourself, but that doesn't give you the right to judge someone because they do. Don't stare at them and don't ask us what they mean unless you're very close to us. They are addicting, but mine are not out of impulse. Mine remind me every day why I am alive and who I am alive for. Love everyone as your own. I promise you'll never live in anger again.

“My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story"- Johnny Depp