A Taste Of Glory

So many people walk about their daily lives with their heads down in their phones going to jobs they hate and trading meaningful human contact for a virtual reality. They are merely surviving. Getting by on the dregs of the fuel that is in them. But that's not how life is supposed to be.

Life is about passion, pursuit. Thriving, not just surviving. Like the feeling that comes when you're doing the thing you love most. Like all the love and joy in you comes surging out and around you engulfing you in heart flow -- soul flow. There’s a rhythm, a music to life.

Passion is when you’re with the people you love and everyone is laughing and talking or just sitting quietly in companionable silence. Or having a random conversation with a stranger in a coffee shop or a grocery store that leaves you smiling. That's thriving.

Passion is seeing a sunset or a sunrise and the perfect brilliance of the colors and light leaves you simultaneously desiring to capture the moment in a photograph -- yet knowing that it could never do that beauty justice compared to seeing it with naked eyes.The sound of the ocean waves pounding the rocks unceasingly and the salty wind blowing at your face pulling you to come and immerse yourself in its depths.

That’s passion. The pure unadulterated moments in life are what make life worth living. When we get a glimpse of how it should have been. A taste of the holy. A taste of glory.

Passion for me is the thing that brings me the most joy and gives me the most purpose for my life – my greatest passion - when I sit down with my Bible and journal and bask in the love that my God has for me.

But when I am just surviving, that passion gets thrust aside. I feel the necessity of it, but when my head is so immersed in the cares of the world, I forget that I am starving and just keep working and keep striving. It’s like when you don’t eat for a while, and at first it hurts. But after a while the hunger fades, and you barely even notice the need until a whiff of something delicious floats past your nose and that hunger is awakened in you with a great burning intensity.

That's what it is like to live for merely survival. So why do we walk around with our heads down to the ground and our noses stuck in screen ignoring all the wonders around us? The passion of life lies before our eyes, we only need to be brave enough to look up and see it.

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