Affordable Fashion At Target
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Target Style Finds Under $30

Treat yourself to a guilt-free shopping spree with these deals!

Target Style Finds Under $30

So you go into Target to buy one item but end up leaving with a full shopping cart… If this happens more than you want to admit, shop smarter with these deals. Everything is priced at $30 or under so you can splurge on new clothes without overspending!

$16 Snake Print Crop Top

Women's Long Sleeve Tie Front Wrap Top - Wild Fable™ Taupe

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This top is a perfect going out piece that can be worn with your favorite pair of jeans. At only $16, this is a steal that looks more expensive than it actually is. Look for this on your next Target run when you are running out of clothes to wear on nights out with your friends.

$22 Paper Bag Pants 

Women's Plaid Paper Bag Waist Straight Leg Pants - Wild Fable™

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There are a number of ways to style these pants that will make them a staple in your wardrobe. Just over $20, these paper bag pants are a great price for the amount of uses you will get out of them. From class presentations, to work, to interviews, these pants will become your go-to when you need something more professional to wear.

$20 Corduroy Mini Skirt 

Women's High Waist Printed Corduroy Mini Skirt - Wild Fable™ Brown

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This skirt is an affordable Fall essential. Another versatile piece, this can be worn with nearly any basic black or white top and matching cropped jacket. It can even transition into the colder winter months when worn with tights and boots.

$24.99 Pullover Sweater 

Women's Bishop Sleeve Pullover Sweater - A New Day™

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A basic white sweater is an essential in any wardrobe because it can be worn all throughout the cold weather season. At about $25, you can justify spending money on this basic item because it is reasonably priced and offers many ways to style. What makes this sweater worth the purchase is its mock neck and puff sleeves, which add some subtle detail that will enhance any outfit.

$19.99 Leopard Print Sweater 

Women's Leopard Print Pullover Sweater - A New Day™ Camel

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For a statement piece under $20, this sweater is a steal. It is a perfect addition to spice up your wardrobe because it can be worn with items you most likely already have, like black jeans and black boots. In an all-black outfit, this print is the perfect pop of color that will make you look instantly more put-together.

$18 Black Joggers 

Women's Slim Jogger Pants - Wild Fable™ Black

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This affordable basic is perfect for cozy days. Dressed up or dressed down, these basic black joggers offer a versatile range of outfit options. At under $20, you can't feel guilty about grabbing these because you know how many times they will be your go-to pants.

$20 Oversized NYC Sweatshirt 

Women's Oversized Crew Neck Pullover Sweatshirt Graphic NYC - Wild Fable™ Brunswick Green

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This graphic sweatshirt is simple yet stylish. When you don't know what to wear, this is a perfect pick because it goes with nearly anything — jeans, leggings, joggers, or even a skirt. This is great for wearing to class because it can be layered over a tee shirt when it is cold outside but warm in your classes.

$21.85 Gray Woven Dress

Women's Plaid Strappy Lace-Up Waist Woven Dress - Wild Fable™ Gray

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At just over $20, you can have a dress that could be worn in all seasons. This can be thrown on in the Spring and Summer with sandals, or in the Fall and Winter layered over a sweater with tights and boots. This perfect neutral offers a variety of ways to style, and it is great because the looks that can come from it are easy to put together. You don't have to worry about matching specific colors because nearly anything will work with this dress.

$9 Cropped Plaid Jacket 

Women's Plaid Cropped Shirt Jacket - Wild Fable™ Violet

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This ridiculously cheap jacket is an amazing deal. For $9, you can have the perfect layering piece that offers a versatile print to wear over any basic outfit. Buy the matching set and you have even more options to mix and match with other clothes you already own. You can't go wrong with this because it is a great addition to any wardrobe.

$30 Button Front Jumpsuit

Women's Strappy Button Front Tie Back Jumpsuit - Wild Fable™

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When you're looking to purchase a statement piece but don't want to spend a ton of money, head to Target. This statement jumpsuit is your solution to finding a stylish yet affordable outfit. At $30, it is a bargain because it can be worn in both warm and cold weather depending on how you style it.

$25 Faux Fur Leopard Print Mini Backpack

Faux Fur Leopard Print Mini Backpack - Wild Fable™ Brown

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This adorable mini backpack is on trend for the Fall and Winter seasons. Take it anywhere you go and pair with an all-black look or neutral look. This accessory is perfectly sized to fit all of your essentials without weighing you down. It serves as both a functional and statement piece in your wardrobe, making it worth the $25.

$10 5 Piece Gold Choker Set 

Choker with Star, Discs and Beads Necklace Set 5ct - Wild Fable™ Gold

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This set of gold chokers is a major deal. When you need a good accent to your outfit, add one of these chokers or layer a few to complete any look. At $10 for the set, these come out to $2 per necklace which is a great offer you shouldn't pass up!

$30 White Cowboy Booties 

Women's Clayton Western Cowboy Booties - Wild Fable™

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These white boots are a unique find from the shoe section at Target that will spice up a dull outfit with jeans. Instead of wearing Fall's uniform black or brown combat boots, try these cowboy booties instead for a chic twist on a boring outfit.

$10 White Foil Beanie

Women's Foil Printed Beanie - Wild Fable™ Cream

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When Winter falls upon us, you will appreciate this cold weather essential on your morning walks to class. At only $10, this beanie is both cute and functional to pair alongside a coat and gloves.

$20 Faux Leather Mini Skirt 

Women's Zip Front Faux Leather Mini Skirt - Wild Fable™ Burgundy

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As the holiday season approaches, you will need skirts like this to wear to all of the parties you are invited to. This faux leather skirt is only $20, but it looks like it cost much more. Enjoy your Target bargain while everyone around you asks where you bought your skirt.

$22 Medium Wash High Rise Mom Jeans

Women's High-Rise Mom Jeans - Wild Fable™ Medium Wash

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These mom jeans are an affordable basic that offer a flattering cut to enhance any body shape. As a staple to your wardrobe, these jeans are priced just over $20 which make them a justifiable purchase. These will last through the seasons - from being worn with booties and a sweater, to being paired with a crop top and flip-flops, the price is more than worth it for the amount of use you will get out of these jeans.

$26.60 Camo Joggers 

Women's Camo Print Cargo Pants - Wild Fable™ Green

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These joggers are the perfect addition to a basic outfit. They offer a stylish print to pair with any look while providing a pop of color. You can wear these to class with a sweatshirt or on a night out with a black crop top or bodysuit.

$20 Striped Waist Pack 

Striped Waist Pack - Wild Fable™ White

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Rock the resurgence of the fanny pack without spending a ton of money on a trend. This black and white striped waist pack is different and cool, yet is neutral enough to pair with a variety of outfit combinations.

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