We are always told to be gentle and calm.

What if we were told to harbor a strong heart?

A massive tsunami,

keeping a steady pace.

A current strong enough to tear

through the ocean with a clear purpose

We are always told to relax.

What if we tamed our wild?

A hurricane without limits,

stirring everything awake in its wake.

A force to be reckoned with,

blowing fierce and true.

We are always told to stay grounded.

What if we let all our aspirations loose?

A bolt of lightning sparking through the inky sky,

illuminating the angry clouds in a brilliant flash.

A streak of determination,

clear and intent.

Stay powerful like a tsunami.

Let your heart speak volumes,

unwavering and indestructible.

Proud but balanced.


Stay wild like a hurricane.

Undeniably capable of destruction,

but controlled with consideration.

Influential but thoughtful.


Stay focused on your mark like a lightning bolt.

A taste of liberation

ready to make a calculated strike.

Premeditated grace.


Accepting yourself

and embracing your wild

while you learn to tame it,

will give you