Talking To Strangers: Ask Jack(ie) #10

What if you see the same person over and over again and you want to say hello to them but don't know how?

Dear Observant Being,

I say, go for it. Just say hi. Hello. Sup'. What's happenin'.

Why not?

Worst case/most unlikely/one percent possible scenario:

They think you're a stalker, call the police, file a restraining order, etc.

In between/five percent possible scenario:

It gets awkward. You forget that you've talked to them before and forget to say hi. Then next time you remember and say hi, but they don't see you.

Best case/44 percent possible scenario:

You get a new friend, confidant, person, jokester, "soulmate," companion...

Most likely/50 percent possible scenario:

You get a new friend to make small talk with, share in life and school, and practice subtle head nods and acknowledgements to each other with.

It's all about you starting out by making noises that resemble a greeting.

Introduce yourself. People these days always want to know why. "Why are you talking to me? Do you need something? Am I in your way? Is there something on my face that I don't know about?"

You could be super literal about it. "Hey, I hope you don't find this weird, but I feel like I see you everywhere and I just wanted to say hi. You seem like a really cool person! I'm Winnie the Pooh."

I can see a slight possibility of it becoming awkward the next time y'all talk, but if you're confident about saying hi, then nothing will be awkward! And, I bet you already thought it was awkward that y'all hadn't talked. Walking around seeing the same person on campus, making eye contact, and then wondering if they just stared into your soul? Yeah. I know the feel.

Don't be scared to say hi! Maybe they were wanting to too. Tutu. Ha.

How to approach them:

Do not decide that you 100 percent have to talk to them one day to where you see them leaving and chase them down just to say hi. If you see them over and over again, there will be another chance to say hi. It helps if the opportunity to say hi is more natural. If there is ever a time when y'all pause for a moment in the same place, that is the best time to say hi. If there is nothing going on, you can fill it with conversation.

If you see them in passing, there may be no opportune time to say hi. However, if you're really determined about it, you can find an opportune time to say hi. You could start out by smiling at them in passing so they recognize that you acknowledge them. They might even wonder if you've met each other before. You could even pretend you've met them before or say that they look exactly like another friend of yours. Just make some excuse to talk to them if a natural "hi" doesn't work out.

Hope it goes well! This is exciting stuff, meeting new people! You go, person!

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