One of my biggest adjustments as a college freshman thus far has been learning not to predict what will happen next. Trying to plan out a week or even a day does not usually work out because of the constant activity that a college campus has to offer.

Assuming that we know our place and are already settled in is nice and all, but in reality, we are continually meeting new people and trying to remember whose face goes to which name. Sure, it is stressful at times, but it’s all exciting and the beginning of a new chapter.

Along with this new chapter comes independence and decision making. Here is where it starts to get tough. Many of us college freshmen, including myself, have usually had limited activities to choose from, as there is a much smaller variety in high school than there is in in college.

Therefore, we usually ended up taking part in activities with friends or familiar people, strategically avoiding nerve-racking and foreign situations. In college, however, as I am becoming aware, we are pushed to step outside of our comfort zones and take a chance on something new that may only fit us and none of our friends or acquaintances. We are here to become true individuals with completely different schedules and priorities than those around us.

Embarking on activities on one’s own can be extremely difficult especially in a new setting such as college. How can we ever know what to expect? What if we don’t click with the people? What if I am too inexperienced in this field?

These are all typical questions that I have definitely found myself asking, but they are also the questions that get in the way of taking that extra step and going for something new and unique to us. I have always been a planner, trying to figure out and schedule what will happen next or what to expect out of situations. Yet, I am learning that I need to quiet my inner planner and do something without knowing the outcome. So here I am, taking the leap and going for something new.

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