The Struggle Of Taking Summer Sessions

7 Thoughts You've Definitely Had During Summer Sessions

Summer? Don't know her.

This year has been my first time taking summer sessions in college and man— it been a little crazy. Our usual 10 week quarter is cut down to 6 weeks, and if you think the material gets any easier or you get any less information because of it, you're wrong.

Here are some thoughts you've probably had if you're on the same boat. (PS: this is just jabbing some fun at summer sessions, I'm very grateful to be able to take them)

1. Whaaaatt classes start tomorrow? 


Yes, it might've only been a week since you're last final but classes do start ASAP. It catches you off-guard that classes start that quickly - you literally just got into summer mode and now it's back to lectures.

2. A midterm on week 3???


Yes, it's true. Week 3 is usually the time I'm just getting into school mode during a regular quarter but not during the summer. By week 3, I have to learn everything.

3. A 2 hour lecture won't be that bad


4. He really just went through 183792 slides during those two hours


5. My expectation for summer:


6. My Reality:


7. Wow, I'm actually done


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