Take Your Gift And Run
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Take Your Gift And Run

Proverbs 18:16 A man's gift makes room for him and brings him before the great.

Take Your Gift And Run

I wanted to stop writing. I didn't feel the rush of it all. I wasn't getting as many shares. It didn't satisfy ME. Yeah, a few comments here and there but not enough. Distractions came along, whether it was relationships, partying , or school. It was in the way and honestly I didn't care that it was in the way. I wanted a break from it all. Before this, I wanted to be extraordinary... I put the in the extra hours to perfect my gift but down the line I just became ordinary.

We are all graced with gifts. Some smaller than others but yet can make such an impact on one's life. You may have MANY gifts and don't know where to start. I for one have many gifts but one of those gifts are they key to unlock to others (in order to be shared with people). We can get so caught up in things and in life to the point where we forget we even possess gifts. There are days where i have to remind myself that God wants his words to be mine. There WILL come a time where you will want to stop. You'll lose the drive or lose sight of the goal. I've lost the sight.... until one day my friend Al and I were having a convo. Somehow it went from fashion to spirituality. I told him to read my articles and he will learn more about my spiritual self. I get a text later on and this text honestly put me back on track. He said,"take your gifts and run." Instantly chills ran down my spine. I knew it was God speaking through him. I looked back and noticed that I was letting my gifts sit on a shelf and collect dust. Your gifts are yours and yours for a reason. To reach people.... It can honestly save people and break chains. It's not just for your enjoyment. Little did anyone know that I was considering changing my major and not just because of the lack of confidence in my gifts but because I started listening to the words that were being said around me. I soaked it within and feed it to my flesh. My spirit blocked it off but my flesh fell for it. As it kept getting a taste of the negativity around me.... I became the negativity around me. I was the end of me. God saw where I was heading ... He knew I was going to give up and just by that one text..... I was awoken.

You see there will come a time in your life where a veil will be lifted. Everyone has a different type of veil, whether it's naive, gulliable, lack of self or whatever it will be lifted and you will see things for what they are. Then you will be tested and that veil may overlap your eyes again. It's up to you to stay aware and guard your gifts. TAKE YOUR GIFTS AND RUN. Don't stop and don't look back perfect your gift and don't let it collect dust on a shelf.

1 Timothy 4:14

14 Do not neglect the gift you have, which was given you by prophecy when the council of elders laid their hands on you.

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