I know that recently my articles have been heavy. So here is one that is a little more light-hearted! This year I renewed my passport, got a state ID, and driver’s license. I’m not going to lie, the only one I think I look okay in is my passport photo. Also, this week is my last first day of school which means it is also my fourth and last shot to take a good Student ID photo, so here are 9 steps to do so!

1. Find out what day and time you will be taking your picture.

And please write. it. down.

2. Go to sleep at a decent time the night before.

... or stay up late watching Netflix. It's up to you.

3. Pick out the perfect outfit.

So you don't pull a total Lizzie.

4. Do your hair.

You know there will be plenty of messy bun days in the future. Do something different today.

5. Actually put on makeup.

Yes, this applies to the guys. I promise, translucent powder won't hurt.

6. Arrive on time.

Avoid those stress-sweats!

7. Find your angle.

(If it is allowed.)

8. Smile!

You don't need to have RBF on your identification card.

9. And you just might end up with a photo you look like yourself in!

...only if you're lucky.

What are your experiences with ID photos? Let me know in the comments below :) Also, subscribe to my creator page to see more content like this!