Take Your Chances In High School, You Never Know What Will Happen

Do you ever catch yourself thinking about what your life was like when you were in high school, even if it was two, 10 or even 20 years ago? Were there chances that you took or didn't take? I attended a small enough school where I could have participated in every sport, club and organization there was, even at the same time as another. I played a few sports, joined a few groups but did I give them 110%? No. Do I regret not trying out a different activity? Absolutely.

During my four years of high school, I played volleyball and danced. I was a member of our FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) group, was in student council for a year, was a peer mentor and sang in our school choir, chamber and jazz choir.

I am not saying that I didn't enjoy everything that I participated in, but looking back at my time in high school, I wish I gave a little more effort in everything I did and tried out other sports and groups as well. One of the highlights in high school was volunteering. I volunteered over 100 hours during my four years; I helped run youth volleyball camps, mentored an elementary student, was a teacher's aid and more.

I have thought about this multiple times since I've been out of high school, going on four years now, I might add, but I wish I gave more effort in everything I was involved in. I wish I gave my activities 110%, because who knows where I would be now, what sport I could be playing or where any group that I was a part of could have taken me. I did go on and dance during my freshmen year of college, but it was not the experience I hoped for, so I didn't continue.

Besides dance, volleyball was my other love. I got to play with my best friends and made memories that I continue to look back on. I wish I put in the extra time outside of practice to better my skills and gave the sport I love, as much effort as I possibly could have. With FCCLA and student council, I wish I was more active and was a member for all four years.

If I had the chance to do it all again, I wouldn't change what I participated in, but I would participate in more. I would have continued playing basketball, I would have taken golf more seriously, participated in student council and FCCLA all four years, join a musical and given it all 100% of my attention.

Whether you are a high school graduate, in high school or haven't yet started high school is don't let regrets keep you from moving forward. Cherish what memories you have or look forward to to the ones you have yet to make. Take the next opportunity that approaches you because it will be a learning experience and something to hold onto for the rest of your life.

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