At the ripe age of 21 there’s a lot one could have already seen and of course a lot more out there to see. For me I have lived and learned through my everyday experiences. Whether it be when it comes to jobs, boys, friendships, money. You learn how you should act as a functioning adult; what is acceptable, what to wear, who to keep close, whether it be friends or enemies. The list goes on. The many things I have learned in my short 21 years on this earth have been both a blessing and a curse. I have learned how to hurt and be hurt, how to love and be loved, I have learned how to suppress my feelings yet express them in extraordinary ways. I have learned who to trust with my life and who not to trust. I have learned what mountains I must climb to get to where I want to be, but also what mountains may be too steep and slippery to even attempt to climb, mountains that in the end would not even be worth reaching the top. Yet with all these lessons throughout life I find myself sitting here still questioning absolutely everything. A side of me wants to know what tomorrow holds and what my future will be like. But another part of me wants to spread my wings and live for the moment, the right now, today.

My mentality have messed up a lot of things. My overall thought process is “You have to think with your head not your heart because your heart will always let you down”. And you know I guess that would be the more logical way to think, but it definitely isn't the only way to think. If you think like this oppurtunities you don’t even know about will be thrown right out the window. Thinking with your head gets you to do your homework faster, deletes the toxic people out of your life before they are supposed to be gone and just blur the bigger picture of things. When you do this you let the lessons stop because you think you have already been taught all of them. But the reality is you continue to learn forever.

At 21 I should take more risks, put myself out there. Not be afraid to love because when I’ve been loved in the past it has never worked out. Not be afraid to skip a night of studying to go out with my friends, because school is the right now it’s not forever and friendships are forever. Not be afraid to take a job in something I would never see myself doing, you never know it may be your dream job.

A new life motto I am beginning to learn is “don’t be afraid to take chances”. You know just because things haven’t worked out in the past does not mean they won’t some day. So go find that mountain, climb it, and don’t ever look down.