Advice From My Subconscious: Please Take Care Of Yourself

Advice From My Subconscious: Please Take Care Of Yourself

How much love can I give you before we are both hollowed, devoid of emotion?

Mahi Patel

Remember the day you were born. Oh, how you made a full moon more magical, a daybreak more alive and sunset more beautiful, marking a joyous celebration of life. It was a room full of tender love caged in the fragility of new-found hope. Another generation to carry on the legacy of so many. Your small heart was the size of a hazelnut beating a powerful song into your creators. They vowed to never hurt you, to love you, to cherish you and most importantly, to take care of you. When you have people who dedicate their entire life to see you smile, why do you hurt?

You owe it to their devotion to take care of yourself.

It is not selfish to want enough room to breathe. Make sure you can thrive before you accommodate for the comfort of others. You are just as worthy and just as valuable as the ones around you. Radiate, because you are the child of sun and moon, as graceful and clear as the sky itself. Breathe, and remember how you feel when you take it all in. Take care of your little pinky toe and the scars in your hidden crevices. Take care of your stretch marks and blistered hands.

Reach with those blemished hands for what you want because no one else will just give it to you. It is OK to have needs, wants and desires. It makes you human. Embrace your goals as they should be the very things that define you. Make your story and be the author of your narrative. No one can take the pen away from a passionate writer. Watch as you become richer in the lessons of experience. You will overflow with the fruits of history. Take extra care of your silver memories and golden thoughts. Take care of what you see, hear, taste and touch.

You are entitled to your senses, feelings and emotions. It is ok to be cautiously sensitive. Anger, pain, sorrow and grief are yours. And in your tears, the rivers that flow through the valleys of your tired face, you possess the possibility to be happy, to laugh and to be at peace once more. Showing how you feel does not make you weak; it makes you as strong as the pillars of faith surrounding you. I want to hear your thunderous laugh booming. I wish to see you learn from the screams seasoned with petty anger. Use this tumultuous storm inside you to find grace. Take care of the bones that lift you up and the muscles that ache when you run. Take care of the blood coursing through your veins and the oxygen filling your lungs.

Lastly, take care of your heart because, dear God, you only have one.

You are so fragile but so strong — one tremendous paradox of sorts. Do not break, you are not porcelain. You are glass, and you can take care of yourself.


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