Do you have a running list of things to do? Always feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious? Do you fear that you won't get everything done? That's the mind of a typical college student — always running around to classes, meetings, study sessions, homework, etc.

All of this can be overwhelming, especially if you try to do everything to the best of your ability. Trust me, I know — I always have a busy day packed full of things to do. Everyone says to make the most of their time at college, so that's what I'm doing, right?

Sometimes when I don't have a to-do list chock full of events and activities, I feel like I'm failing. But really, that's when we need to make ourselves a priority. I oftentimes put myself at the bottom of the priority list, giving my time and energy to 100 different organizations or events and never taking time to de-stress. While it's definitely good to be involved, there's also a point at which I can get TOO involved.

Recently, a friend said to me, "Why don't you just take a break from studying? That's not due tomorrow, is it?" and I realized he had a point. I have been neglecting friendships, other people and even myself just by trying to constantly do homework and get ahead. However, taking the time out of my day to hang out didn't set me back. In fact, when I did go to do homework later that night, I felt refreshed and more focused.

It's important to take care of yourself, and even more important in college. How am I supposed to give of myself to school, relationships and organizations if I'm feeling tired, lethargic, apathetic and lazy? That's not putting my best foot forward and makes things I would usually enjoy seem like chores. Recently, I've been scheduling time every day (or almost every day) to go to the gym, and that has impacted me so much. Taking that hour to not think about school and focus on myself and my health has been exponentially beneficial, and I notice that I have more focus and I sleep better.

Whatever activity it is that you enjoy doing, make sure that you set aside time for it. Yes, school is important, but maybe take an extra hour out of your Saturday and do some homework so that during the week you have a little bit more time for yourself. However you want to fit it in, make sure you put "taking care of myself" on your to-do list as well.