Tick-Tock Take Me Back To The '50s!
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Tick-Tock Take Me Back To The '50s!

They valued proper communication and modesty, concepts that now are a little harder to grasp. If I could go back to the '50s, I would.

Tick-Tock Take Me Back To The '50s!

The '50s did a lot of things better. Music, fashion, and dating are among the few topics in which the '50s destroyed every other era. Something about taking my mindset back to the '50s makes me incredibly happy. The 2000s has nothing on the 1950s. I don't mean to bash our generation, actually, but we are kind of terrible in some aspects!

For a second, let's think about how young people date today. With that, let's also think about how the music we listen to and the clothes that we wear can affect our relationships with people. This is a point I feel a lot of people, especially young people, choose to ignore, but I'm going to point it out anyway. Our generation focuses far too much on sex. It's a touchy topic, but the way that we form relationships with the opposite sex needs to be reevaluated. The way that we value the opposite sex, needs to be reevaluated. In order to show you what I mean, I'm going to make a few comparisons between now and the 1950s...

Let's start with problem number one. Our generation doesn't even use the word "date" anymore. OK, sorry, maybe one in 12 men actually say, "Do you want to go on a date?" The majority of guys say, "Want to hang out?" Not only that, but they do it through a text message. Guys, please understand that by asking a girl out like this, you are slowly committing social suicide. In the '50s guys actually had to ask girls out, in person or sometimes over the phone. Either way, that means they had to get the courage and ask even though it was possible they would get told no.

Second, "dates" just aren't what they used to be. In the '50s when two people went on a date they went for ice cream, burgers, bowling, roller skating, dancing, or went to a drive-in. Generally, couples in the 1950s hung out in public, often with friends. Now it's 2016 and "Netflix and chill" has been invented and it is literally the worst thing ever heard of, and the phrase itself makes me perpetually angry. "Netflix and chill" is the reason why females get creeped out when we are asked if we want to "chill out at the house and watch a movie."

Our generation lacks exploration and spontaneity. People should be explored! No, I don't mean that sexually. Get your mind out of the gutter! Focus! What I mean is that we need to make more of an effort to really get to know someone. People have so much to offer. We don't appreciate the presence of others enough. Girls love for a guy to take us to do something fun, even if it gets us far outside of our comfort zone. It's so much easier to get to know someone and make memories when you aren't sitting there quietly immersed in a screen. The abiltiy to have fun is something I admire the '50s for.

Third, in the '50s dances were a really big deal. Most people enjoyed dancing. Back then dancing was actually dancing. Sorry y'all, I don't consider "throwing it in a circle" dancing. The way that we dance has changed because our music has changed. Sometimes I listen to music and I can't pick out the instruments behind all the computer noises that sound like some transformers trying to get it on.

Music was much happier then. Music produced between 2013-2016 is mostly about sex. We listen to it constantly then wonder why people are the way they are sometimes. What we put into our brains shapes who we are and how we act. We feed our subconscious minds filth, and we get filth in return. It affects how we see and how we interact with the opposite sex. Music in the '50s was peppy and upbeat. It was about love and having fun and I think that is something worth listening to.

Lastly, clothing has changed tremendously. Women of the '50s weren't complete angels when it came to the clothes that they wore, but they left something up to the imagination, which is more than I can say for our generation. Some of the clothes of 2016 are completely blasphemous. A lot of the things we find in local malls are a little past the point of being revealing.

So, again, we have to think about how this affects our relationships. How do men see women that wear revealing clothing? Probably not well. The things that we wear send a message to those around us, especially those of the opposite sex. Maybe the problem is simply that most people don't really care about the message they send out anymore.

So yeah, I think the '50s did it better. Music was better, clothes were better, the act of dating was better because society was different. They valued proper communication and modesty, concepts that now are a little harder to grasp. If I could go back to the '50s, I would.

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