Why You Should Take A Fresh Start
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Why You Should Take A Fresh Start

Sometimes, for your own happiness, you have to simply go for it.

Why You Should Take A Fresh Start

Last semester was pretty rough. I won't bore you with the details, but by the end of this draining period of time, I found myself in desperate need of a fresh start: mentally, physically, emotionally...you name any department of life, I needed a reset in it. So, in order to receive this fresh start, I transferred schools mid-year and set out to find happiness elsewhere.

Transferring as a second-semester sophomore was just as daunting as you'd imagine it. I would love to tell you I was fearless or that I didn't care what people from home or my old school were saying about me, but that isn't even remotely close to the truth. However, looking back I have not regretted my decision to transfer for a nano-second (despite the fact that my dorm room doesn't have any central lighting or Villanova's constant construction projects that nobody asked for...so that's saying a lot). But this isn't about my decision to transfer: this is about the wonderful, amazing opportunities life provides called fresh starts.

There will come many points in your life when you will be presented with the opportunity of a fresh start, and from the bottom of my heart, I beg you: take it. It's worth it, no matter how many things you feel are holding you back. As morbid as this sounds (and I promise I'm not usually this cynical) absolutely nothing in your life is permanent besides you and your complex, beautiful brain. Although this may not be the right mentality to make the majority of your decisions in, when you are presented with a fresh start, it totally is. It doesn't matter if you are completely miserable in your current situation, or just feeling stuck and unsatisfied. At the end of the day, you and your happiness are the two of the most important things in your life, and I would be personally saddened to learn that you did not take that risky, life-changing move that you've been dreaming of.

A fresh start is the chance to be anyone you want to be. It is the chance to improve on your character without fear of judgment from ones who know you. It is the chance to feel real pain at letting go of things, places, and people you love, but also to know that this pain is not in vain. It is the chance to let go of all your past troubles and insecurities and embrace the future. A lot of people will tell you that you can't, or shouldn't, run from your problems. I'm here to tell you that actually, this is sometimes a completely acceptable solution and will result in endless happiness for you. Life does not always hand you a fair deal, but it is often your choice whether or not you'd like to accept this deal. So, and I'm really channeling my inner, stereotypical blog writer here: if you're looking for a sign, this is it! Take the job, transfer, drop out of school and set up the mediocre business idea you and your best friend had after one too many mimosa's last Sunday...okay, everything but the last one. But in all seriousness: if you need one, take a fresh start anyway you know how. It doesn't even have to be dramatic: get a spray tan, fix your nails, drop that ex-whatever whose been nagging at your happiness. Then take a deep breath and enjoy the new, fresh life you're living. The opportunities and happiness that will unfold from it will astound you.

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