Taco Bell's New Anime
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Taco Bell's New Anime

Why "Fry Force" Is Taking The World By Storm

Taco Bell's New Anime

Taco Bell recently came out with a commercial advertising their Nacho Fries. The commercial is in an distinct "anime-inspired" style and follows the character, Rei as she pilots a mech alongisde other pilots to fight giant monsters or "kaijus" who want to comsume the world's Nacho Fries.

First released during the Tokyo Olympics, the commercial has gained widespread attention and praise from anime fans, and it is not hard to see why. "Fry Force," though simply a commercial, has immense detail and clear effort put into it. Aside from the premise centering around Taco Bell's Nacho Fries, the "anime" exhibits many of the traits of a typical mecha/kaiju anime, in the vein of such series as Neon Genesis Evangelion and Darling in the Franxx, as well as movies like Pacific Rim.

The protagonist is also quite interesting. "Fry Force" follows the character Rei, a heroine, in a genre that historically has had very few females as the central role. In just about a minute, the commercial perfectly detailed the main character's motivations and character traits. Rei's brother, Kosuke was taken by the kaiju. This motivates her to continue to be a mech pilot, battling kaiju in search of her lost brother.

The commercial has stellar voice work for something made by a company known for making tacos. The voice actress for Rei perfectly encapsulates her determination and desire to defeat the Nacho Fries loving kaiju. The animation for the commercial is also quite superb, completely engrossing the viewers into the idea that this is a real anime.

This is part of the reason why many fans of the commercial have voice their desire and pleas for Taco Bell to make "Fry Force" a legitimate anime-style series, many saying that it looks better than a lot of the anime-inspired shows coming from the West.

Do you think "Fry Force" will ever become an official animated series?

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