Sylly Week As Told By GIFS

Welcome back everyone! Spring semester is officially underway! As many people know, the first week of classes is deemed "sylly week" for syllabus week. It gets its name from the lack of class work the first week and the amount of partying that goes on.

When you go to your first class expecting to read the syllabus and leave early.

And then they start teaching after reviewing the syllabus for five minutes.

When you read the syllabus and see you have 14 quizzes and 8 exams in the next two weeks.

When you already have homework assigned but you sure as hell know you are still going out tonight.

When you're done with classes on your first day.

When you and your friends are getting ready to go out for the first time since last semester. On a Monday.

While you are partying and ignoring the fact that you have class tomorrow.

When you wake up the next morning for your 8am.

When you take the pre-going out nap to catch up on some sleep.

When you get to repeat this process for the next five days straight.

Syllabus week is most likely the one time in the semester you can go out every day of the week and get away with it. So, enjoy those Monday night parties while you can. And remember to stay hydrated :)

Good luck this semester!

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