10 Silly Thoughts Every College Kid Has During Sylly Week

Syllabus week, by far the easiest week of your life so appreciate it while it lasts.

Don’t forget to save your tears for the pillow when reading the syllabus. You don’t want to be that kid in class, just pretend like everything is alright and panic later. Although this week is to prepare you for the rest of the semester, let’s face it, it won’t…nothing will. So take as many shots as you can while you still have your sanity.

Here are 10 thoughts you have during syllabus week:

1. OMG, what is going to be my fun fact?

2. Why does my professor look like he/she is 15?

3. But do we REALLY need the textbook, come on*

4. First five minutes of reading the syllabus* Ok, so I’m dropping this class.

5. So, were going out Sunday to Sunday, right?

6. I’m going to get a 4.0 this semester (you’re lying).

7. * First exam is next week * Clorox shots anyone?

8. When can I drop out and become a stripper?

9. I should probably look semi decent so I don’t scare anyone on the first day.

10. Should I sell a kidney on the black market to buy this textbook?

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