7 Guys I Will Most Definitely Swipe 'To The Left, To The Left' On
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7 Guys I Will Most Definitely Swipe 'To The Left, To The Left' On

For these reasons I know, to the left, to the left.

7 Guys I Will Most Definitely Swipe 'To The Left, To The Left' On
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Ah, college... what a time for romantic, life relationships, big thank you to Tinder and Bumble on that one! Every now and then you come across a 10/10 and you can't help but wonder if they could be your husband. I am here to be a huge bitch and say he is not — and he probably swipes right on everyone (but yeah you look SUPER cute in all 8 of your beach pics).

I'll never forget a sad day in my life when over the summer my guy friend was on Tinder while watching TV and swiped right on everyone he got because it was 'funny.' Is it funny?!? Giving people false hope SMH. I would swipe right on everyone except I would get matched with literal freaks, and for that reason, this is who I, and most people would swipe left to.

1. If your picture is of you holding a literal DEER CARCASS???

WHY!!! That is terrifying. We get it. You luhhhh guns.

2. If your picture is of you and your... current girlfriend??

I'm sorry but you're either cheating or "had that for a while and 'forgot' about it" OK, OK, whatever you say!

3. If your picture is a selfie of you holding your steering wheel while lifting your chin dramatically.

It's so hot, keep it up!

4. If your bio says you are 6 feet but you can just tell you're not. Quit tryna catfish.

5. If in your picture you have literal cigarettes in your mouth.

Save it for the square dancing. We get it, you need it to "take the edge off." *JUULS ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED

6. If your main picture is four hot guys and one not so good-looking one.

And you are the duckling. YOU sir are the reason we have trust issues.

7. If your picture is a selfie of you at the gym.

Really? Go snort some protein powder.

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