A Sweet Farewell To Hastings
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Student Life

A Sweet Farewell To Hastings

Goodbye, sweet Hastings.

A Sweet Farewell To Hastings
Erica McMurray

When I moved to Stephenville, Hastings filled a void I did not know I had. The need for a movie rental, Barnes and Nobles, and Hot Topic all rolled into one had not been recognized by me until the first time I entered the store. As I first stepped through those glass sliding doors and entered into the unknown haven, I realized what I had been missing all along. My friends and I have spent many an hour wandering aimlessly through the overly packed aisles, examining things we did not have the money to buy.

But now it is all being ripped away from us. You, Hastings, are closing your doors forever. Today, we walked the sad, empty aisles, the clearance tags on everything and ventured past the “All Merchandise Must Go” signs hanging on each aisle. We cringe as we see the “Going out of business” banner and we become sadder every day watching the approximate October closing date grow closer.

What will we do without 99 cent movies and clearance priced books? Who will entertain us on rainy days and allow us to affordably watch as many movies as we want? Where will we go to sift through records and laugh at the covers of cheaply produced CDs? Where will we argue with the staff about whether an item qualifies for the 30 percent off sale?

Hastings Entertainment, you have been many peoples best friend as you’ve sat in the Bosque River Center shopping mall. Without you, we will be lost and bored, hopelessly wandering around our small town and regretfully heading to Redbox. Some kind of department store or boutique may take the old shell of your building, but you will always be in our hearts.

So here is a sweet farewell to you my dear Hastings and the many wonderful memories we shared.

RIP Hastings

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