We'll Swear We Do Differently For Next Years Move But Won't
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10 Things We All Swear We'll Do Differently For Next Year's Move, But Won't

A few lies we'll tell ourselves in light of the burdens of move-in.

Resi Kling via Unsplash

This past week, everyone moved back in to college (or for freshmen, moved in for the first time). While I'm sure that many other folks on this platform have discussed thoughts we all have during move-in, I'd like to dedicate some time to the things we promise we'll do differently when we move back in next year.

The things of course, we swear to change.

But we won't.

Or at the very least, the changes will be small and gradual, not dramatic transformations of my living space.

1.I'm definitely going to pack less. So much less.

Stop lying to yourself. It may be less, but it will still be to much to make moving in not suck.

I'm going to find all my reusable items and bring them instead of buying them new.

Something like a blanket or your forks or your mugs will be forgotten at home. Such is life and that is what Walmart is for.

3. I won't need to restock everything from Walmart again.

Okay, so you may not need to restock everything, but it will feel like it.

4. I will have nicer decorations.

I keep telling myself this. I want a cutesy apartment, I do. All I've got is two throw pillows and every year I keep promising myself I will have nicer decor and then I just don't.

5. I'm going to be so much neater during move-in next year.

No, no you won't. Get real.

6. I should have a bunch of friends and family help me move in.

You should, but they're too far away (family) or busy moving themselves in (friends).

7. I'm going to stock my fridge full of healthy food.

How many trips to Food Lion does it take to get a full fridge? The world may never know.

8. I will park as close to my building as possible during move in.

To be fair, I've gotten better about this one, but I see a lot of people hauling boxes unnecessary distances through parking lots.

9. I will know my neighbors.

I like the idea, but it's probably not happening.

10. I won't lock myself out.

I'm not naive enough to think this will never happen. Thank god for good roommates.

Overall, these are ideals: things we'd all like to do with our dorms and apartments in college, but probably won't happen.

Oh well, try again next year.

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