7 Books That Will Keep Readers Hooked Until The Very Last Page

I basically never put these books down and they kept me busy any time I was bored. These are not in order of favorites.

1. "After" by Anna Todd

This coming of age novel was first written as a fanfiction about Harry Styles and was published on a platform entitled Wattpad. The series follows a young college-aged girl named Tessa as she meets the bad boy and his friends when she starts her first year of college. This book contains a rollercoaster of emotions and I could not put this book down. It is one of those pieces that pulls you in and really plays on your emotions. Plus, it is currently being made into a motion picture! Fingers crossed that it stays true to the book.

2. "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins

Everyone has heard of this series by now and the movie was a huge success, despite not following the book as closely as the readers would have liked. I read the series start to finish in under a month. I mainly wanted to make sure that I had the novels completed before I went and watched the movie.

3. "Matched" by Ally Condie

If you're a Sci-Fi with a touch of romance lover, then this book is for you. This is a series that follows the dystopian society plot that has become significantly popular these days. It discusses the struggles of love and free will, which the individuals in this book do not have. It also includes a love triangle and almost a star-crossed lovers view. I could not put this book down, much like this whole list.

4. "If I Stay" by Gayle Foreman

This book, and even the movie, was a serious tearjerker. My family is my world and I could not imagine losing them all in one day (and having the out of body experience she had is insane). If you couldn't already tell, I'm big into romance and this book is about a medium on the romance scale. It flashes back to times before and tries to help her answer this one question: should she go back?

5. "Paper Towns" by John Green

John Green has written fabulous coming-of-age novels that all readers can relate to and enjoy. Sometimes the plot is very stereotypical, but if you're anything like me, then you love a good stereotypical love story. Boy meets girl when they're young and he falls in love with her, then when she disappears he and some friends go off looking for her, but truthfully, she didn't want to be found in the first place.

6. "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen

I had to read this book for school but I had no complaints! There is something about this era that is so elegant and dreamy, yet dreadful. The clothing was beautiful and exquisite but the way women were treated was downright awful. I love the idea of love and watching the two main characters blossom.

7. "Odd Thomas" by Dean Koontz

This mystery and thriller isn't your usual book. It's, well, quite odd. The main character sees dead people and actually has the ability to do something about it. Overall, Dean Koontz is a wonderful writer and he has many best-selling novels that are worth a read and will always grab your attention.

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