Survivor Then Vs. Now
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Survivor Then Vs. Now

Time has surely changed over the years.

Survivor Then Vs. Now

For as long as I can remember, my family always watched "Survivor." It has always been our family show. It has been about 15 years since the first season was ever aired, so my dad said that he would want to watch it from the very beginning. I noted that so I got him the first season of "Survivor" for him on Father’s Day. It has definitely changed over the past 15 years.

1. Alliances

In the beginning, people thought there should not be alliances. They all thought it was humane of them to be a part of an alliance, or some thought it was silly to be in one, but now they don’t even know each other’s name and they want to work with them.

2. Blindsides

There were no blindsides; everyone knew who was going to be voted out, who was the next to go. Now you won’t know who will be voted out week to week. They will even vote out a person in their own alliance.

3. Jeff Probst

Jeff is the host of the show. In the first season, he was so calm and boring. I guess 15 years later he realized he needed to be more enthusiastic. He did not say much when the competitors were in a challenge, but now he rags on the competitors about who is not doing that great of a job.

4. The players

These days the players who play "Survivor" are more ruthless. They want the money (I mean who wouldn’t), but they back stab each other right and left. When it all started everybody was friends.

5. Challenges

In the very beginning, the challenges were short and boring; there were not many exciting challenges. Now there are longer, exciting challenges to watch. They have more obstacles to go through, such as puzzles or water obstacles.

6. Camp life

It seems they had more fun in the first season, rather now they are more serious. In the first season they would all talk to each other, but certain people will only talk to other certain people.

7. Luxury items

When the show started, the contestants could bring one item from home with them to remind them of home. They also got a lot more glamorous items they receive now in season 33.

8. The reward challenges

For as long as I could remember, whenever someone won a single reward challenge, they could pick one or two people to join them, but in the first season they had to enjoy the reward alone


9. Final tribal council

Each week, some or all the competitors go to tribal council to vote someone out, but at the last one the competitors that were previously voted out decides who will win the $1 million. They did it really different in the first season. They had only two left standing instead of three, and they revealed the winner at that tribal council instead of waiting three months with a live studio audience.

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