11 Things You Need to Survive A Michigan Winter
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11 Things You Need to Survive A Michigan Winter

Because winter in the Mitten can get a little crazy.

11 Things You Need to Survive A Michigan Winter
Adrian College

One of the biggest things I hear out-of-towners ask before coming to Adrian College is "What will I need for winter?". Winters in Michigan are crazy, it will be 25 outside one day and 50 three days later. We're known for freezing cold temperatures, lots of snow and a crazy season from about October to April.

Here's what you need to survive a Michigan winter.

1. Long, puffy coat

Not just a long or puffy coat, but a long puffy coat. Covering your butt is necessary when it's snowing or sleeting. And make sure it has a hood, even better if it's a hood lined with something soft and fuzzy. Make sure that it zips all the way up to your chin too, you don't want any bare skin showing in our subzero temperatures.

2. Fleece lined leggings

Don't go spend a ton of money on these because you can get fantastic ones at WalMart or Meijer (also a Michigan thing...). Not just a thermal pair of leggings but a pair lined with fleece. They're amazing and so much warmer than normal leggings and you'll be thankful you bought them when it's freezing and you're walking to class.

3. Long sleeve shirts

A black one and a gray or color of your choosing will be necessary when just a hoodie under your coat won't do. When you're sick of wearing hoodies and huge coats, a long sleeved shirt and tshirt under a lighter jacket will be your best friend. Not only is layering necessary for warmth but for your sense of style too sometimes.

4. Mittens

Not the expensive ones. Whatever you do, don't buy a pair of $50 gloves, you'll lose them, I promise. Go to the Dollar Tree or WalMart as soon as it begins to get cold and buy as many as you can because you'll leave them everywhere and never be able to find two matching ones in a month. They're just enough to keep your hands from freezing on your way to class.

5. Beanie

Beanies not only keep your ears warm but give you an excuse to not wash your hair before class, you're welcome. You can get these at Dollar Tree too and you can find Carhartt ones at Meijer that are extremely warm and amazing.

6. Rain jacket

For that awkward in between season that Michigan seems to love so much, rain jackets are the perfect weight to keep you warm, but not too warm, and dry.

7. Thick socks

Thick socks are another must. Knee socks are also the best, especially in your tall boots. Carhartt socks are just as warm as their beanies and you can get packages of four pairs of those as well at Meijer.

8. Scarves

You might be like me and think you won't wear a scarf, but, trust me, you will. When the air is frigid, the scarf is going to keep you warm and protect your face because nothing hurts more and makes you colder than a freezing face.

9. Rubber boots

An absolute necessity. In the in-between seasons, they'll keep your feet dry and then when it gets cold you can throw on your thick socks and be set.

10. Snow boots

Snow boots are a little more trustworthy than rain boots and warmer too. You don't always have to wear your thick socks with snow boots, but they don't often come up as far as a pair of rain boots will. Make sure you have a good pair of both.

11. Heated blanket

I never had one, but the freshmen dorms are freezing cold in the winter and a heated blanket will be a lifesaver according to all of my friends.

With these things, you just might be able to survive your first winter in Michigan will all of your fingers and toes and even your nose too.

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