San Andreas is a long fault that sits inland and runs from Southern California all the way up to Northern California. A strong shift in the fault under Southern California has been long overdue. The latest predictions say there's a 7% probability of an 8.0 earthquake within the next 30 years. Within the same period, the chance of a 7.0 earthquake is 75%. Though a 7.0 earthquake happening would have considerably less power than an 8.0 earthquake, it's important to be prepared for either earthquake. Here are some tips to help you stay alive when a catastrophic earthquake hits.

1. Preparing

Don't leave items unsecured in your house that could fall on you, and make emergency earthquake kits. Make sure there's water and emergency food in your kit, and work out communication with friends and family in case power lines go down.

2. Right before

If you're located near downtown LA, it will take about a minute for an earthquake originating in the Salton Sea to reach you. You can also download Fema, or other local alert apps. If you're in a car, pull over and don't get out. If you're indoors, take cover.

3. During

Once shaking starts, DROP to the floor, COVER yourself or crawl under something sturdy, and HOLD ON until shaking has stopped.

4. After

Make sure nothing will fall on you, and figure out a safe way to exit. If you're trapped, call out with your phone or tap to get the attention to rescuers. Don't shout since there might be debris in the air. Once out, get to an open space away from buildings and if you're near the coast, go to the highest ground.

Stay safe!