The holiday season is often filled with many parties and celebrations and thus, lots of time spent with family and friends. For those of us who identify as introverts, we often value time for ourselves that can get neglected between the holiday season.

We enjoy being able to spend time with our family and friends, but it also comes at the cost of our recharging alone time.

During all those gatherings, it can be pretty exhausting having to constantly entertain with a hard time escaping away from the festivities.

For those of us introverts who are in for a long holiday season, here are a few ways (some which may be weird) to survive and enjoy the holiday season.

1. Take a break/nap before the festivities. 

If naps weren't our best friend before, they certainly are now.


The power nap is our best friend this time of year. If you know a party or gathering is coming up soon, give yourself a break now.

Let yourself enjoy time alone before heading out. You'll be rested and recharged and be able to enjoy all the fun and festivities later.

2. Find your own space. 

"In My Own Little Corner" is the exact thing that comes to mind.


As introverts, we always tend to be the person that finds themselves in the corner mid-party. The feeling is quite similar during the holidays. Since a lot of our time is spent at other people's homes, find yourself a nice, quiet place to recharge during those stays. It can be walking outside for a few minutes or just needing to "find something in your car," just find a brief escape.

3. Be the one responsible for the pets. 

That's right, walk all the dogs. You know you want to.


Pets have been proven to be one of the best forms of stress relief. If you’re fond of pet (and they are fond of you), why not take advantage of having multiple furries giving you affection and love. Be the person that is responsible for walking the dogs as an escape from the house and people. When its time for the baths and feeding, you're up to bat for that as well. You’ll be grateful to spend time with folks who understand silence.

4. Be the person that runs the errands. 

Get in the car (alone) and have some time to yourself.

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If pets aren’t necessarily your thing, claim the responsibility of running errands around town.

You’ll be the official person that picks up others from the airport, gets the last minute groceries, and of course, the last minute gift.

It’s the perfect escape, giving you time alone in your car and at the store.

Just make sure you make a deal about payment for gas.

5. Have a workout routine. 

Routines are not allowed to be postponed...especially when you need an escape.

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You may someone that regularly works out, or someone who rarely works out. Whichever one it might be, you won't be the person that pauses the workout routine during the holidays.

Take a walk or a jog as a means to an escape from your family and friends.

Plus, folks should understand that with all the holiday goodies you have to keep that body in shape and goals on track.

6. Use the bathroom...a lot. 

I works.


This by far may be the strangest one, but it's the one many introverts have already done.

In awkward situations, we often find ourselves in the bathroom.

During the festivities and gatherings, the bathroom practically becomes your new best friend.

It becomes the place to cool down and escape all the questions about your life. You know they're coming.

7. Don't stay at the family home. 

Staying in hotels can be fun anyway.


If you're out of town, it might best to choose to stay at a hotel, rather than at the family house.

Once the gatherings are over, you have a place to yourself at the end of the day. It'll allow to unwind and recharge.

Even though it may cost money, it might just be worth it.

Save money or save pick.

However, if you can luck out and have a room to yourself at the family house, go for it.

8. Think positive thoughts. 

It's the holidays, you as might as well try to be positive.


The power of positive thinking is real. Just like anything else, if you go into thinking bad about the situation, it will shape itself out this way.

If you’re unable to get a break, thinking positively about the situation. You’re getting time to spend with your family and friends. It’s what the holiday season is all about. You’ll get back your alone time soon enough.

9. Be busy. 

Phone calls to...coworkers are very important.

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There are just sometimes where you have to make things up.

You need to take an important phone call outside for an hour...go for it.

You need a room to work on a project that is due after break...go for it.

You need to work on your writing to meet your own personal deadline.

Work has now become your new escape.

10. Be honest. 

Sometimes you just have to be honest.


Although, instead of making things up, maybe you could just tell the truth.

You can explain that you just need your personal space and quite frankly there’s nothing working with that. We tend to not want to step on our loved one’s toes, but sometimes they are open to understanding.

You never know until you try.

The holiday season is meant to be an enjoyable time for everyone.

For us, that includes us still being able to have our own personal space and downtime.

It's a wonderful thing if everyone could respect it, but that's not always possible. These few hacks are just a few things to get us through the season and hopefully enjoy it as well.

Good luck my fellow introverts! Happy Holidays!