Surviving in the Current Political Climate
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Surviving in the Current Political Climate

You can literally start WWIII on your Facebook timeline.

Surviving in the Current Political Climate
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Have you ever not posted something on your Facebook or Twitter out of fear of someone lashing out because they don't agree with what you have to say?

I know I do, quite often actually, especially as we enter the 6th month of the Trump administration. I have found friends and family who previously shared life inspiring moments together, now unable to even speak because of political differences.

So what has changed?

Now one side could argue it's because of the "snowflake" liberals, but on the other hand, there are the hardheaded, stubborn conservatives. To be very honest, both are to blame.

Rather than looking at the big picture, both sides have started a political war against each other, forgetting that in the end, we all have the same goal in mind. While both parties should be looking at bettering the lives of the countries citizens and its territories, they are so focused on breaking down the other side that they forget that there are more important issues at hand.

I would love to post my political opinions on Facebook and start engaging intulectual conversations with conservatives and liberals alike, but that is impossible in today's day and time. Any post I think of I can imagine conservatives saying that I am against the president and I am just another millennial snowflake complaining because I didn't get my way. Or I could see liberals saying that I don't care about the social justice issues that are going on in our country, and I could go on for days how they are wrong.

When did it become so wrong to have an opinion that doesn't match the majority? Why does it matter what someone's opinion is as long as that view doesn't infringe on another's civil liberties?

I believe members of all sides need to be more mature, step up to the plate and start solving issues, not avoiding them or causing new ones. The United States is facing military threats, deadly shootings and we are facing opposition from world allies due to decisions made by the current administration.

If the goal is to "make America great again," there is a lot of work to be done, but it only seems like we are going backward. Hopefully one day Facebook won't become a field full of landmines with everyone afraid of setting off an explosion.

Hopefully one day, both sides can come together and solve the problems American citizens face. Realize that climate change is happening. Acknowledge that civil rights are for everyone not just for the white heterosexual, upper class. Recognize cuts are needed to recover from a deficit but don't cut budget out of personal preference, compromise.

If America is to be great, americans will need to learn how to compromise and grow up.

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