Surviving College As Told By 'Broad City'
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Surviving College As Told By 'Broad City'

Abbi and Ilana know what it's like to be college students.

Surviving College As Told By 'Broad City'
Los Angeles Times

College means finding the balance between work and fun. If there's anyone who's entirely incapable of finding that balance, it's Abbi and Ilana from Comedy Central's "Broad City." They're all about the fun and Ilana's definitely not about the work. Sometimes, though, they attempt being functional humans and understand what it's like to be a college student.

When you try to relate what you learned in class to everyday situations, but can't seem to get it quite right.

When your friends are having an easy week schoolwork-wise and go out without you.

When you've had what feels like the longest day of your life.

When you decide to go to a party, but find out it's a theme you've never done before and have to consult your friends on what you could possibly wear.

When you're at that party and need even more advice on what to post to prove you're having a good time.

And then the next morning, you feel like you're temporarily dying due to the fun time you did have.

But you have to get some work done, so you start reconsidering all of your life choices.

Or you have a super existential moment and seriously reconsider your life choices.

But then just say forget it and just go out again.

And the next morning just start the cycle again.

But then somehow do well on the tests you have Monday morning.

And you feel like you're on top of the world.

Only to realize you have a million more assignments due this week and have not one ounce of motivation.

But your friends want to see you succeed, so they try to get you to study.

And once you actually get it done, seeing the daylight after a lifetime in the library is like coming up for air.

Then, finally, it's Friday again, and your "YOLO" attitude is back.

And that is the definition of college! Somehow living through the week and living for the weekends, hopefully ending up successful once you graduate.

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