I Survived My First Year Of College Thanks To You Guys.

Thank You according to the Merriam-Webster means a polite expression of one's gratitude. I have many thank you's that I need to say. Although I posted many of my thank you's already on Facebook. I want to say thanks again because these people had made my time here at Regis a success and I will be forever grateful for them. At this point, many people know that I will not be returning to Regis College in the fall. I have decided to attend Sacred Heart University in Fairfield Connecticut.

Now onto my thank you's. Thank you to Regis College for making my first year a success. I can't believe that my freshman year of college is over. Thank you, Regis, for providing support and services that were needed for me to succeed my first year.

Thank you to all of the Faculty, Staff, and Professors. I wouldn't have made it through my first year without you. Especially the Campus ministry group. I will for sure miss you guys and I promise to come back and visit. Thank you to the Residence Life Director in Angela Hall Kelly Brochu. Thank you so much for being so understanding and answering my questions and for respecting the fact that I wasn't going to be coming back in the fall. Thank you to the fourth floor RA's Michael and Fred! You were amazing! Thank you, Michael, for being there when I needed to talk to or getting me the help that I needed to fix the light in the room that fell at 2 am the first night at Regis. Thanks Fred for being the nicest person I have ever come across! You also made it very easy for me to come and talk to you if I needed it.

Thank you to my friends that I have made. Thank you, Macy, for being there when I needed help after getting stuck in the mud at Founder's day. Don't worry I will come back and visit and you can show me around Boston and I will show you around NYC. Thank you, Ariana, for being there to answer my questions such as "When is the bio test and What's on it?" Thank you, Pauline, for helping me with QR and dealing with the awfulness of Pearson (won't miss that). Thank you so so much to the GREATEST overnight host Erin and Siobhan I am so glad that I have gotten to know you guys even more. We have had so many funny moments, especially during the overnight. Thank you for being my very first friend here at Regis. I hope to stay in touch and wish you two lots of luck, and laughter in whatever you decide to do. Congrats on graduating!! :) and Regis were so lucky to have had you be a part of the Pride family. You are two are the nicest and such AMAZING people. Thank you, Sam, although I don't know you personally but for always knowing my order Dunkin Donuts. Nick thank you so much for an incredible year and I am so glad that I joined the Health and Wellness club. Funny enough as I am writing this I am wearing my Health and Wellness t-shirt. I have really enjoyed my time attending events and helping out I will for sure miss them.

And most importantly thank you to me friends back home in NY and my family for being by my side every step of the way as I decide if I should transfer. Thank you, mom and dad, for supporting me in my decision to leave Regis and to attend SHU. My siblings you guys are just the best! Although we may fight and disagree on topics you didn't fight me on this decision. Thank you for my crazy and goofy nephew Niko. Thank you for cheering me up on facetime when I'm feeling sad and always doing something silly that you never do when I am home. And I want to thank you for supporting me and being there when I was getting homesick in the beginning of the semester and I am so thankful to have you as my goofy siblings. To my friends at home thank you for allowing me to text you guys and rant about a variety of things. Thank you for also being such supportive friends and I am so thankful to have you guys in my life.

As I move on to a new school I will never forget Regis. Although there are things about Regis that is making me leave there are so many amazing things at Regis that I will miss like the Christmas Tree Lighting, the tight-knit community, the amazing faculty, and staff. I will always have a place in my heart for Regis. I have made so many great memories here that I will cherish forever.

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