I Survived My First Year of College

I Survived My First Year of College

Cheers to a wonderful year and the upcoming ones

Kenia Pierssaint

The year went by quickly and I can believe that I am not a freshman anymore. This year has been full of joy, achievements, laughs and cries. I had my ups and downs, but I was able to stand up for myself and put myself together. All the late nights studying and the early mornings with coffee paid off. I successfully completed my freshman year without any inconvenience I am grateful for all the time that I spent studying and doing my homework. I am also grateful that I did not give up when things were bad and when I felt like I could not anymore. I am grateful for my family, even though I was far away from home, but they kept encouraging me whenever I went home. Finally, I am grateful for my study buddies since they helped me through my breakdowns and my insecurities. They were always encouraging and they also believed in me when i was down.

It was a tough year and it was extremely challenging, but I was able to work hard and push through. I am so proud of myself because I made it though all the hard times and the crazy ones. I look forward to another wonderful year with my buddies. I look forward to three more wonderful years full of adventures and lessons for me to learn. I know that we are going to great things in life as my friend Brittany always says , we are beautiful independent black women and we are going to do great things." I have faith in that and I know we can do it. I hope that we all have a wonderful summer and I cannot wait to get back in the fall.

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