If you're anything like me, you have a list of goals to accomplish before the end of summer. They mostly entail relaxing and traveling before the the school years starts up again in mid-August (dun dun dun). But, the most important goal of all? To get really really really tan.

For those of us who are as pale as the moon getting a natural tan is nearly impossible without getting sunburned. But alas, I have some tips for all my pasty friends who currently resemble lobsters. Here, tips on how you can survive your worst sunburn EVER:

1. Don’t move at all

Since one of our goals this summer is to relax, it shouldn’t be too hard to lounge around all day watching reruns of That 70’s Show while munching on snacks. Be still, be calm and try not to disturb your sizzling skin. If your mom calls you lazy, just give her your best, “I am dying” look.

2. Try to treat it

Aloe vera is your friend. If you can, go all natural and pick up an aloe vera plant at your local plant store. If that isn't an option head to your local Whole Foods or local drugstore and reach for an aloe vera gel. Make sure to check the label for any weird additives. Can't find it? Coconut oil also works wonders for parched and burned skin (and it smells good).

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3. Complain about it

Have you ever noticed how complaining about something automatically makes you feel a little bit better? Maybe if you complain enough to your family and friends, they’ll sympathize and rub lotion on your back or bring you an iced chai latte from Starbucks.

4. Stop moping and realize that beauty is pain (sometimes)

Your sunburn will turn you into a bronzed goddess/god and it will be like it never even happened. Next time just remember to pack a sunscreen with SPF in your beach bag. If you're already on the tan side you can reach for something lower, but if you're pale, maybe try SPF 100+.

Things to avoid: Unless you want to feel major pain, we suggest staying away from any soap products. These dry out your skin, big time. Stay away from any "burn relief" products other than aloe, a lot of these don't work and end up costing you big bucks. And if the pain is just too much to handle, pop and aspirin (or two) and stay out of the sun for a few days.

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Don't forget to flip over! Happy tanning!