We Will Survive January 20
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We Will Survive January 20

it is important to me that I acknowledge what is happening and that I show up for it.

We Will Survive January 20
Alabama Today

January 20, 2017 could be a rough day for me.

I'm a person who likes planning. I have game plans bouncing around in my head for floods, fires, ripped pants, broken printers, and fish emergencies. So, I am making a plan.

This Friday will be as normal as any I've had.

I will wake up between 8 A.M. and 9 A.M. and make breakfast. Probably some rather boring cereal.

I will walk to the library even if it's cold and sit on the third floor. From there, I will work on writing for Odyssey and my next play.

At 11:30 or so, I will pack up and head back to my building.

At 12:00, I will not be ignoring the inauguration altogether. On the contrary, I plan to watch it. The Trump presidency scares me a lot, but I am not here to talk about why today. There is an idea that the best way to protest the presidency is to ignore it altogether. But I watched both of the Obama inaugurations. And this is an important day in our history. Watching might be emotional. I fully expect to cry. But I will be watching because it is important to me that I acknowledge what is happening, and that I show up for it.

At 1:00, I will make sure I eat something. Probably Spongebob macaroni and cheese.

At 1:30, I will sit down with the mandala coloring book my cousin gave me and go nuts.

3:00 will find me meditating with the cool new app I've been using, Stop, Breathe & Think .
Then I am going to take a brief nap. I'll be sleepy, sue me.

At 5:00 I will create dinner of some kind.

At 5:45 I will walk down the street to the Silver Center for the Arts.

I will put on my makeup. I will warm up my voice. I will put on my costume.

At 7:00, I will step out on stage in Fiddler On The Roof , as I have been rehearsing for the past month.

At 9:30, I will head home. I will take a shower, put on my pajamas, turn on How I Met Your Mother reruns, and go to bed.

I refuse to let this Friday change the life I have worked to create.

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