How To Survive Hell Week

How To Survive Hell Week

And finals too, maybe.

Okay, so depending on where you go to school, Hell Week is just around the corner. Or maybe it’s Hell Week right now. If you’re like me, your entire semester has been Hell Week. And what comes next? Finals. So how do you survive the last few weeks of your semester? Well, I in my eternal Hell Week wisdom shall tell you.

Know when to pull an all-nighter and when to call it quits. I am not personally a fan of all-nighters and I do not recommend them. I have a very special relationship with my bed. And my health. But I understand that sometimes, they have to happen. But only pull an all-nighter if it’s absolutely necessary. And skip your first class the next day if possible (not that I would advocate skipping class) or make sure you schedule some nap-time in during the day. If you’re like me, you hate coming into class without having finished the assignment or the reading. But it’s okay to do that every once in a while if it means you’re going to get a healthy amount of sleep, especially if you’ve been keeping up over the course of the semester. So pick your battles and know when to call it quits. Don’t pull an all-nighter on something that’s not important.

Don’t procrastinate. This is a big one, and probably the hardest one for any college student. But if you know that you have two ten page papers due in the same week, do one of them ahead of time. Plus, you’ll avoid unnecessary stress, and hopefully a few all-nighters. Try writing out all your tests, presentations, and papers in a planner or on a calendar, if you don’t already do that. Then, plan out specific days to work on specific projects.

Have a marathon day. I honestly hate marathon working but it’s always super helpful and seriously cuts down on my stress during the week. Just make a point of getting up before 10:00 and getting to the library or study room. Bring everything you’re going to need, plus snacks, and a blanket or sweatshirt. And water or coffee or both. I always bring both. Find a quiet, preferably isolated place to work. Personally, I like to steal one of the one-person study rooms in our library. Then, work for a few hours and get as much done as you can. Be sure to take breaks but if you just camp out in the library for a few hours, you’ll get a lot done.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your professors if you’re struggling. In my experience, most of them are pretty understanding and will give you an extension if they’re able to. Or if you’re afraid of your professor or just know they’re not inclined to giving extensions; use the resources at your school. My school offers peer tutoring and a writing center. Take advantage of whatever is available to you.

Coffee.Just drink a lot of it.

Water too.Water is good.

Don’t skip meals. I know you’ll be tempted to, especially if you’re behind in class or up against a deadline. But make sure you eat regularly, or at least as regularly as you normally eat. Take your laptop with you and have a working lunch, if you need it. Or have a friend bring you something. Just make sure you eat. You’ll be happy you did later.

So now you know how to survive Hell Week. Go forth and ace everything! And don’t die trying.

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Even When You Don't Have It In You

For the struggling college student at the start of a new semester.


The above picture represents a stage in my life that I thought I would never get through. I had just finished final exams and was terrified of the outcome of my last semester as a Junior. I had experienced so many mental breakdowns and anxiety attacks from a series of events and low places that I found myself in throughout the semester, so much that my mom had to stay with me during final exams. I needed encouragement, and I needed it bad.

Kind of like right now, and I'm sure that some of you might find yourself in the same place.

While the start of a new semester looks shiny and promising, there is always that point when reality begins to settle in, and you realize that responsibilities are resurfacing just as fast as they left at the onset of Christmas break.

You show up to the first day of classes, all of your professors throw a syllabus at you, as well as your final exam date, and you begin to feel your forehead break out in sweat. We've all been there, and that is precisely the place that I found myself at while sitting in my first ever 8 AM of my college career.

Not only do we attend classes, but nightly meetings as well, all while attempting to retain a social life and keep up with our mental health.

It's A LOT. I know it. I've been there.

There have been days when I wanted to simply throw in the towel, and quit school altogether.

I have been at the point when I couldn't find even a sliver of motivation to get me through the meetings, the extra credit seminars, work, or even to church.

The feeling of defeat is nothing new to me, but what I have learned is something that will forever be a constant even though my motivation level is not always.

The Lord doesn't love you because you do everything right, or you attend every meeting and aren't a second late... The Lord loves you because of you are His, and that will never change.

See, regardless of our level of perfection in a certain class or at a meeting, he is always constant, always.

Regardless of our inability to give ourselves creditor to take time to breathe, his loves you fully, with no prerequisites.

That is what had gotten me through the majority of my sleepless night when a responsibility or test kept me awake at night with anxious thoughts.

Regardless of our performance, or how good we look to the people of this Earth, our worth is found in God, and we must not let performance or standards of society fog up our sight of that.

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