Everyone ready?

With the holiday season fast approaching, college students across the nation shudder as the one obstacle that separates them from a long deserved break similarly approaches: finals. *Shrieks internally* While this week is likely going to lead to some late nights, early mornings, and missed dates with your bed, you're 100% capable of crushing those finals.

So alas, I've comprised the Finals Survival Pack to help get you through the week.

1. A place to study.

Finding a study space during finals week is often comparable to the hunger games- it's tense, cut throat, and some one is usually crying. Thus, scope out a place and set up early!

2. ....But also change up your setting.

Staying too long in one place can make you both tired and unproductive, so don't hesitate to switch it up!

3. Caffeine.

Caffeine=life during finals week, you gotta stay awake to crush those exams.

4. Comfort food.

Calories don't exist during finals week. Plus, you need something to balance out all that coffee in your stomach!

5. A positive attitude.

While it's super easy to be in a bad mood during finals week (via sleep deprivation, stress, etc.) it's best to keep a somewhat positive mindset- just keep reminding yourself of the days until break!

6. Moral support.

This goes both ways- be supportive of your friends, and they (should, if they're good friends) be equally supportive back!

7. Take time to organize your study material before you buckle down.

You don't need to take it to Leslie Knope status, but having a grasp of what material will be covered/documents you need to have printed to study from ahead of time is always a step to ease stress!

And finally,

8. Try to get at least a few hours of sleep.

It's scientifically proven that you don't function as well as you usually do when severely sleep deprived- therefore try to get at least a few hours of z's. Of course, during crunch time we usually can't get a solid 8 hours, but for the love of God try to rest up in order to maintain your fierce study plan!

Best of luck.