It's that time of the year again when it becomes make or break for many college students. Many of those students, especially freshman, end up breaking down during these few weeks, although they really shouldn't. College isn't for some students, although for some, it shouldn't be as hard as it is.

So how do you survive hell week and finals?

1. Start studying before dead week.

The best time to start studying is earlier than you need. If you study before dead week even starts, it will be so much easier in the long run.

2. Or start studying Monday during dead week.

Maybe it's already dead week, or you want to spend your last good week living it up before you have to buckle down. Even studying before finals week will do a ton of good.

3. Just start studying before finals.

Maybe it's finals week, but your exams are all on Friday. Why study during dead week when you can just study during finals week?

4. Study the day of finals

Go ahead and cram, since you couldn't be bothered to study any other time. It's better than studying after your finals, right?

5. Get some sleep.

8 hours of sleep is best, but any sleep will be better than constant all-nighters. Give your brain a rest from studying.

6. Eat something.

Make sure you eat as well. Your body needs fuel. (Just remember that eating healthier is probably going to do you better).

7. Take a few breaks.

Don't study for 9 hours straight. Add in a few breaks; aim for at least a 10-minute break for every 50 minutes studying. However, don't take a 4-hour long break after 10 minutes of studying. Don't forget to stretch.

8. Use resources available to you.

Most colleges have tons of resources you could use, like the library, tutoring, and counseling. Try to get help before you fall behind, but using them at all is great.

9. Figure out your best study space.

If you can't study in the library, don't study in the library. I personally can't stay in my dorm or the library, so I've found a room in my building that I like to head down to. Find whatever works best for you.

10. Don't listen to music with words.

I love music, don't get me wrong, but we both know that music with words is distracting. I spend more time singing than I do studying.

11. Try white noise instead.

If you can't study in silence, try using white noise. Youtube has so many options, although I prefer a coffee shop setting.

12. Get everything together before you start studying.

You don't want to start studying to realize that you're thirsty, hungry, or left all of you workbooks at home. Get everything together that you might need before you sit down to study. No excuses here.

13. Reward yourself when you get something done.

Studying is hard and annoying, especially when you want to be doing literally anything else. Give yourself small rewards for each task you get done, and if you get a big task done, make it a bigger reward (like a long break and a milkshake).