Living alone is probably one of the hardest things I have had to adjust to in my college experience so far. From moving in with a roommate you may not have ever met to living in your first apartment, it is a lot harder than it looks. When I moved from Georgia to Columbia, Missouri, I was scared but also naive and excited. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into. My dad helped me move in but once everything was unpacked he left. I was by myself without my parents for the first time and now I had to figure out how to live my life without them. I had to learn how to live with a complete stranger and deal with the fact that all of my best friends were miles away from me. Learning how to live by yourself for the first time is hard but I want to provide some tips that will hopefully ease your transition into adulthood.

The first thing is to make a list when shopping for household items. This will ensure you do not forget anything, especially weird things you probably have never thought of before, like dish soap. Making a list will make your life 10x easier than just trying to remember everything in your head. Things like, detergent and brooms, are easily forgotten because we have never had to buy these things ourselves. If you are moving into an apartment, make sure to remember your dishwasher tabs and hand soap.

My next tip to living alone, especially if you moved out of state, is to be social and make friends. Once you make friends that you have a good connection with living alone won't be as lonely. Personally, for me, I find a lot of my happiness in the people I surround myself with and being by myself for long periods of time can be difficult and can lead me to depression. Making friends in a place that is unknown to you can make an unknown place feel a little bit more like home. Having someone to go places with and have experiences with can make life more fun. Depression is a serious thing, so make sure you stay happy and not lonely all the time can ensure your mental health is good.

My last tip is to make your new space feel like home. Whether it be a dorm or a new apartment, decorating a space to your liking can alleviate stress and homesickness and make your new space a welcoming place for you when you get home from a stressful day of work or classes. Your home should be somewhere you go to relax so make it feel like a relaxing place. Life is already hard as is, especially when you are alone and away from family, making this new home of yours fit your style can make life easier to deal with.

Whether it is loneliness or homesickness, living alone is gonna bring about something that is gonna make it a struggle to deal with. Focussing on yourself and the comfort of your new home can make this transition just a tad easier.