To Anyone Who Supports Brett Kavanaugh, And The Administration That Backs Him

To Anyone Who Supports Brett Kavanaugh, And The Administration That Backs Him

While I doubt the majority of you that support Kavanaugh or Trump are pro-rape, you are Accessory After the Fact.


With the coronation of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, we are seeing a deeper divide between Americans. The problem is: there should be no divide. At least I don't see any room for one, as I abhor rapists.

The current counter-argument to those that oppose Kavanaugh's nomination, and election, to Supreme Court Justice is that he is in fact not a rapist, but a victim of false accusation. The thesis of those supporting Kavanaugh is that Dr. Ford is a paid liar who came forward to discredit him and deny the Republicans a chance at having a Supreme Court majority.

I will admit, I had no idea who Brett Kavanaugh was until this trial. I will also freely admit that, since he was a Trump nominee, I was immediately biased against him. "There!" you're saying, "You just admitted it! You're biased! You wanted him to be a rapist!"

I did not want him on the Supreme Court. But I did not want him to be a rapist.

For Kavanaugh to be a rapist would mean that he had to have destroyed someone's life due to him not being able to control his sexual impulses. And that is what happened. How do I know, in addition to Kavanaugh's own behavior, and detail of Dr. Ford's testimony? When I was in my teens, I stole my dad's car while he was away at work. He had a car, and my mom had a car. She was gone for the day, so my father had used her car to commute. I got the car home safely before he was off work. He came home, then remembered he needed to pick something up (I can't remember what) in town. He noticed that the speedometer was significantly changed from when he had last used the car. (Yes, my dad kept track of the mileage. Probably still does.) He confronted me about using it, and I was immediately emotional. I wouldn't answer his questions directly. I shed some tears; I was defensive and angry. I countered with asking Dad why he distrusted me so much. My dad was no idiot, and he saw that I was lying. I saw the same emotions I exhibited towards my dad being exhibited by Kavanaugh towards the Senate inquiry members. I'm no idiot, so I saw that he was exhibiting the reactions of a liar.

When you're telling the truth, you answer questions directly and stick to the point because, well, you're in the right. Kavanaugh deflected answers, acted out violently and emotionally. He showed as much skill at hiding the truth as a spoiled child who got caught breaking the lamp.

When I was about nine I found out my best friend's little sister was molested by a family friend. She was six. All three of our families were very close. We shared Sunday dinners almost weekly. The family of the molester responded with anger towards the girl's family; the girl's family never expressed any anger towards them, at least not as publicly as the offender's family did. They molester's family ultimately moved out of state. The molester never paid for what he did, if you can even pay for committing such an act. There's a lesson there: anger, more often than not, comes from guilt, not in defense of truth. I saw that anger in Kavanaugh. It wasn't the anger of a wrongly-accused man; it was the anger of a coward who was furious he hadn't gotten away clean.

What Trump, his followers, his cabinet, and documented rapist Kavanaugh encompass is the dark side of the American Dream; they stand for everything I loathe: Greed, stupidity, disdain for rational thinking and selflessness, idleness, vanity, and pride. During the Communist witch-hunts of the 1950's, Joseph McCarthy went on a conviction spree, accusing everyone from politicians to filmmakers of being Red, Soviet Union, Communist sympathizers. This spree was well documented, and it seemed like no one was safe from McCarthy's rampage of accusations and paranoia. He was stopped cold, however, when Boston attorney Joseph Welch, hired to defend the U.S. Army against accusations by McCarthy, stopped McCarthy mid-rant and said: "...You have said enough. Have you no sense of decency?" I'm afraid no such phrase could stop the tide of filth we are witnessing out of Washington now.

I can't change your mind if you support Donald Trump or Kavanaugh. Your mind was set long ago, and I have poor power to dissuade you. So, since reason and decency is out the window, and the Senate of the United States has voted in Kavanaugh, and millions of Americans refuse to believe a woman who was raped due to her committing the crime of opposing "their side," and since we don't even care about that obsolete word "decency" anymore, let us all hold hands and say: Fuck the Founding Fathers, Fuck the Constitution, Fuck Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness and Fuck the Sacrifices of Those that Came Before Us. You're mad at me for saying it, but I'm just saying it. You live it.

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As A Victim Of Sexual Abuse, Painting '#MeToo' On A WWII Statue Is Taking The Movement TOO Far

There is a line you should never cross and that is it.


The famous picture of the sailor kissing a woman was taken right on V-J Day, when Japan surrendered to the U.S. in World War II. For decades it was seen as a representation of how excited and relieved everyone was at the end of the war.

The picture touched the hearts of thousands as you could feel the overwhelming amounts of joy that came from the snap of the camera. While the woman in the picture died back in 2016 due to a struggle with pneumonia, the sailor just recently died on Feb. 17, 2019 at the age of 95.

Most people saw it as both a heartbreak and heartwarming that the couple that was once photographed were now together.

Other people saw differently.

There is a statue made of the picture that resides in Sarasota, Florida. Police found early Tuesday morning of Feb. 19, two days after the sailor's death, that someone had spray-painted #MeToo on the statue's leg in bright red.

As a woman, I strongly encourage those who have been sexually assaulted/abused in any way shape or form, to voice themselves in the best way they can. To have the opportunity to voice what they went through without being afraid. As a woman who has also been a victim of sexual assault and has been quiet for many years...

This act of vandalism makes me sick.

While the woman that was kissed by the sailor was purely kissed on impulse, she had stated in an interview with 'The New York Times' that, "It wasn't a romantic event. It was just an event of 'thank God the war is over.'"

People were celebrating and, as a sailor, that man was so over the moon about the war being over that he found the nearest woman to celebrate with.

While I don't condone that situation, I understand both the reason behind it as well as the meaning behind the photo. I understand that, while it wasn't an intended kiss, it was a way of showcasing relief. To stick #MeToo on a statue of a representation of freedom is not the right way to bring awareness of sexual abuse.

It gives those the wrong idea of why the #MeToo movement was started. It started as a way for victims of sexual abuse to share their stories. To share with the world that they are not alone.

It helped me realize I wasn't alone.

But the movement, soon after it started, became a fad that turned wrong. People were using it in the wrong context and started using it negatively instead of as an outlet for women and men to share their horrific experiences of sexual assault.

That statue has been up for years. To wait until the sailor passed away was not only rude but entirely disrespectful. The family of that sailor is currently in mourning. On top of it, it's taking away from the meaning behind the photo/statue. World War II was one of the darkest, scariest events in — not just our American history — but the world's as well.

Sexual abuse is a touchy matter, I encourage everyone to stand up for what's right. But to vandalize a statue of one of the most relieving days in America's history is an act that was unnecessary and doesn't get the point of #MeToo across in the way it should. If anything, it's giving people a reason not to listen. To protest and bring attention to something, you want to gather the right attention.

This was not gathering the right attention.

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The Polar Bears Invaded, What Do We Care?

After all this is on the other side of the world, it can't possibly impact us.


On February 10th, news started circulating about something pretty unheard of; some near 50 polar bears have made their way into the small Russian town of Novaya Zemlya. These bears have been reported roaming around the streets, and to people like us, this seems rather bizarre, and to some degrees fascinating. Florida is the polar opposite of the type of climate these animals live in, and so the majority of us have never seen a polar bear anywhere except maybe in a zoo. Taking this into consideration, it makes sense why we'd see the whole situation this way. After all, how cool would it be to be able to look out your window and see these guys walking around? How many people could say that they've experienced that? Probably not too many!

When you look into the details of this situation though, it becomes evident that this is actually a major nuisance and concern for the people affected. People have reported being scared to leave their homes, or send their kids to school because of the looming threats of these bears and their aggression, and there have been issues reported with the polar bears wandering into human residences. A state of emergency had to be called because of the safety hazard that they pose, and also because there is no known way to get rid of them. They've lost their fear of humans, and consequently, they no longer responded to things like guns being fired off, or alarms sounding.

This situation is a major issue, and as a conservation enthusiast, I believe it is one that everyone should be concerned with. Yes, even those of us who live over 6,000 miles away from Russia, and have no possible way of being impacted by the event itself.

When these polar bears wandered into this town, they began scavenging for food. If it were only one or two bears it could be said that maybe they just weren't fit enough to adequately hunt, but when these animals are arriving in the masses it's a major testament to the condition of the environment. The habitat that these bears live in is no longer able to sustain them, and considering the species is already endangered, that means that their habitat is in a terrible state. Some will argue that their habitat decline is due to climate change, and those who don't believe in climate change will protest against that.

I say forget whether or not you believe climate change is real or not; the fact that the environment can no longer sustain a shrinking population is problematic enough, without pointing fingers at a cause. The state of the world is changing, and it's not going to stop with impacting just the polar bears.

People tend to underestimate the importance of environmental issues. We don't really care about things until they're knocking at our front door and interfering with how we go about life. People ignored the fact that the ice stretches polar bears need to hunt have been shrinking, and now an entire town is having their livelihood completely disrupted because of it, for some continuous unknown amount of time. I say that people need to care about this because this could've been any community that is near a rural area. This could've happened much closer to home, with any species of animal that is facing environmental pressures. People need to take this event and learn from it. We need to stop turning cheek to environmental issues until they're hurting us. We need to start taking care of problems as they're presented and stop making taking care of the world we live on such a debate. It was polar bears this time, and unless we act it's only a matter of time before it's something else, and maybe it's us and our neighbors staying inside, too scared to go out.

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