I Support Tomi Lahren And I'm Proud Of It
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Politics and Activism

I Support Tomi Lahren And I'm Proud Of It

Keep doing your thing, girl. If you’re not making someone mad, you’re doing something wrong.

I Support Tomi Lahren And I'm Proud Of It

I will go ahead start this piece by saying that I don’t identify with either side of the political spectrum. I am very much a libertarian in that I agree and disagree with the beliefs of conservatives and liberals alike. That being said, I am not politically biased in supporting Tomi Lahren, I simply agree with her ideals about current events.

First of all, this girl is only 23 years of age. She has long surpassed the success of many of those who oppose her views on social media and has done quite well for herself after graduating from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. How many other 23-year-olds can say they host their own show? She’s young, full of fire, and unafraid to speak her mind: that’s what I love about her.

But of course, with voicing opinions comes the voicing of opposing opinions, and they come in hot. Lahren is constantly ridiculed harshly and tried on her ideals by those who feel that her party affiliation discredits the words she speaks. Liberals find themselves hating Lahren simply on the idea that she sways toward the conservative side of politics, and everyone else in between seems to just hop on the bandwagon. Is it our duty as Americans to judge based on political beliefs? No. Our duty is to be open minded and fair in order to educate ourselves.

I think it’s important to note that this young woman knows her stuff. She is very much an educated citizen and does her research when speaking her mind. She never makes claims without the facts behind them or qualifications for passing judgement. When she speaks of current events, she shows video or reads direct quotes before commentating. But somehow, people still believe Lahren speaks without merit when the proof is right there on the screen next to her. She has more right to speak out than half of those who oppose her.

Lahren is brutally honest. She expresses her mind on issues with the opinion that so many have, but are too afraid to voice. Being a young, attractive and white young woman, Lahren is under a stigma that she has to overcome every day in the industry she chose. Because of her race and supposed upbringing, everything about Lahren puts her on a stake with fire blazing underneath her. Since when does being white and making a name for herself act as grounds for discredit? Notice in her thousands of negative reviews and comments, the people making such claims are the same people standing up for equality.

During the recent and incredibly disheartening events, Lahren has stayed on top of the news and continued to voice her opinion. She stands for the #alllivesmatter and #bluelivesmatter movements, receiving an ungodly amount of backlash for doing so. Why is being on the side of justice for both the innocent black citizens who lost their lives and police officers who risk their lives every day to protect their communities such a terrible thing? She clearly states that she understands that there are bad cops who must be stopped. However, she also sheds light on rioters who have acted violently toward innocent men and women doing their civic duties. Is she really so wrong in this belief? No, absolutely not. But the hatred in the hearts of those who oppose her only listens to what they want to hear.

Here’s the thing-- you can hate her as much as you want. You can leave nasty comments and send her death threats, but Tomi Lahren isn’t going anywhere. She is a strong and credible name in politics, and she has more supporters than she does naysayers. Lahren is fair, educated, and robust, and has every right to speak out on as many issues as she pleases.

Continue to voice your opinion, Tomi. You have people that support you and your ideas will continue shed light on the many issues that plaque the United States today. Keep it up.

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