Why Support Is The Framework For Life

Why Support Is The Framework For Life

The support we receive serves as the foundation we need to excel.

Take a minute and think about the construction of a house. For the house to stand, it needs a frame. For the frame to continue to stand it needs a foundation that could also be called the support. It’s this support that keeps the house in one piece in order to inhabit its occupants. So, the support is very important to the survival of the house

The same can be said about life if you think about. We, as people, thrive on the support from others, whether it is just a few words of encouragement or giving you a place to stay. Life is full of decisions that can be hard to make and it’s the support we receive from others that help us make our decision regardless of it being right or wrong. Support is kind of like a framework for life as it exists to help you build up from where you are.

Now, I know support comes in many shapes and sizes, but whether it is financial support or emotional support, they both give you somewhere to start.

Personally, I depend on the support I receive from my friends and family to remain successful. The support I receive is more on the emotional level, but that is what drives to excel at what I do and to even try new things. For example, me writing for Odyssey. Never would I have considered actually joining, but after a nice catch-up session with my best friends at the end of this past summer, they were able to convince me to go for it. They knew I did a little writing on the side and with their words of encouragement it prompted me to sign up and get out of my comfort zone. With each week that goes by, and as they read my writings, they continue to give me their support from miles away. That support is what motivates me to keep doing this.

Support from another person can also be what brings you out of a dark hole. If you are a person who lives with depression, anxiety, or anything of the like it can be the kind words of your mom, sister, brother, best friend, or even a complete stranger that helps push you to the next day.

I know I speak personally a lot on here, but I do it in hopes that it will help convince you of what I’m saying. Depression and anxiety are two diseases I live with and I have had my good and bad days with them both. Anxiety usually comes from school and can make me feel like I’m drowning, but a simple conversation with my best friends who know my poor study habits, telling me that I am smart and have the capabilities to get through this assignment or the next big test usually helps. It helps bring my head around to a really sensible thought, instead of thinking something like "if I fail this test I won’t excel in my career". Their support, to me, is the difference between drowning and excelling.

When it comes to needing financial support or even somewhere to live, don’t be ashamed. The people who offer you this support are giving you a foundation on which to build. They want to give you the support you need. That $100 loan your mom gave you? She did it so you could pay your electric bill and start fresh next month. The offer to live in your dad’s house for 6 months? He did that so you could save up to get your own house. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you need a little support.

So just like a house needs support for its foundation to continue to stand, you need support as a foundation to excel and do great things. This support will become your framework in which you can only build.

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Four ways you can help a loved one who has been arrested.

The arrest of a loved one can be a hard problem with which to deal. While you might feel helpless, there are certain things you can do to help.

The arrest of a loved one can be a hard problem with which to deal. While you might feel helpless, there are certain things you can do to help. Below are four ways you can help a loved one who has been arrested.

Keep Contact

While the old trope of only having one phone call isn’t exactly true, your loved one may not be able to contact everyone he or she needs to speak to while in jail. If you can get his or her permission to do so, you can work to update those who need to know what’s going on. This might include helping to cancel appointments, getting in contact with employers, or just keeping other friends and family members in the loop while he or she is in jail.

Contact an Attorney

You can also help your loved one by being a point person in contacting an attorney. While he or she will have to do most of the work, you can start making phone calls and putting out feelers. It might also be up to you to take a few initial steps like gathering up paperwork or helping the lawyer get in contact with others who might have an interest in what’s going on.

Posting Bail

In many cases, the most important thing you can do is to help your loved one get out of jail until the trial. This will mean posting bail, which will, in turn, mean speaking to a bail bonds service. While this isn’t something you should take lightly, it’s absolutely the right thing to do if you know your loved one will make his or her court date. Working with the right bonding company will help to ensure that the process moves more quickly and that your situation can be resolved more easily.

Helping with Court

While you might not be an attorney, you can help your loved one when it comes to court. You can make sure that he or she always has transportation to or from the courthouse and that he or she will always be able to dress professionally while there. These little supports might not seem like they mean much, but they can make a huge difference for those going through the legal system.

You will play a vital role in helping your loved one make it through the difficult period during and after he or she has been arrested. Whether you post bail, help find an attorney, or just provide a point of contact, your help will make a difference. While you can’t solve his or her problems, you can be an important source of aid during this trying time.

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Friends Are The Ones You Can Turn To, Forever And Always

Friends will always have your back. They are forever.

Friends are people who you can rely on in any situation. They’re the ones you go to when you’re in a tough spot or when you have news making you jump for joy. Whatever the situation is, they’re with you through thick and thin; from meltdown to breakthrough.

Without friends by my side, I’d be a lost puppy. I wouldn’t be able to find my way through life, even if the path was the yellow brick road. Even with life perfectly laid out, there are still countless more roadblocks to come. Leaning on these people helps you overcome them. You have friends for a reason, so help each other by sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly. Life has so many shades that you never know what the day will bring, but talking it through with someone you trust clears the air. It brings light to even the darkest tunnels.

Being abroad is difficult because you don’t have the people who you’re used to relying on. With them being millions of miles away, everything feels so different. When I first got to Florence, I was aching to be back at college because I already had my people. However, now that I’m getting ready to board a plane soon, I’m feeling torn. I want to see everyone at home, but I’ve made some amazing friends here who I can’t bear to leave.

Being able to make friends in any situation you’re thrown into is a huge advantage because it expands the network of people you can go to. Friendship is about being there, even when it hurts. I can’t say it enough; my friends are the reasons why I am who I am. I’m not drowning because of them.

Friendship is having someone to sit in a room and watch Netflix separately on your own laptop or laying down in silence with the occasional laughter as someone shares a meme. It’s about celebrating Christmas two months early without realizing it, and making sandwiches after the bar, while you casually break an egg on the ground.

It’s fighting over when to go to the St. Patrick’s Day parade, only to laugh about it the next day. It’s having that one person who will be with you in silence. Reading a person’s body language shares more about the bond you share than the words out of their mouth.

Friends are the people I go to in any situation because I know that they’ll be real with me. I can always count on them to have my back, even when I’m in the wrong. They will always be there for me, regardless of the mess I am. I’m so grateful to have every single one of them in my life.

Once you find someone you trust with your life, don’t let go, because you’ll regret it. The bond you share will go beyond the grave; it’s forever.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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