I love action movies and when I say I can talk about them forever, I can talk about them forever. My first encounter with superheroes and action movies was the first "Spider-Man" movie that was released in 2002. However, I didn't watch it until I was five years old, so I was 3 years behind the whole Tobey Maguire train. I'm a huge Marvel fan (Tony Stark is my favorite), but I'm also a little biased towards Barry Allen from "The Flash," (which is a DC character). My conflicting tastes doesn't mean that none of these other heroes can't save me if we were trapped in a burning building.

1. Iron Man

Tony Stark is my favorite superhero mainly because of his sarcasm. He often times finds himself getting caught in a situation rather than helping you, but he always finds a way out of it.

2. Captain America

Steve Rogers is determined and wise — he'd think of a smart way to escape rather than bull rushing his way through it; a totally different approach than his Avenger friend, Tony. Simple, yet effective.

3. Thor

He controls lightning, so either we'll be out of the building in no time or fried, but either way, I'm happy as long as I'm with him.

4. Spider-Man

Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland's portrayals all differ, but I wouldn't mind being trapped in a burning building with any of them. Tobey would be the one would try and talk the entire time, Andrew would be cocky, sarcastic, and funny all in one, and Tom is just a precious little angel that needs to be protected at all costs.

5. Anakin Skywalker

He was good, then he was evil, and then he was good again. Hopefully, he won't choke and kill me. He needs to use that rage to get us out of the building.

6. Black Panther

His suit is powered by kinetic energy, so if I hit him enough times and throw my shoes at him, his suit should be able to bust a door down.

7. Aquaman

Jason Momoa. That's it.

8. Batman (Christian Bale)

With all his gadgets and gizmos, we'll be free in no time.

9. Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds. That's it.

10. Wolverine

Hugh Jackman better sing songs from "Les Miserables" and "The Greatest Showman" while he's scratching down the walls. I wanna be entertained while I wait to be rescued

11. Loki

Either he would save himself or he would save both of us. It's one of those and I'm hoping for the latter.

12. Green Arrow / Oliver Queen

I don't know much about OQ, but with the number of bows he carries, he obviously has one that can act as a zip line and get us to safety.

13. Flash / Barry Allen

He can use his arms to make a whirlwind that'll get rid of the smoke so we can see our way through or his body's vibrational frequency will allow him to knock the doorknob off doors off the hinges itself, so he's my best bet. Plus, Grant can sing.

14. Robin (Joseph Gordon Levitt)

He's just an angel and when I see him, I think of his character in "10 Things I Hate About You."