Super Foods That Are Not Quite So Super
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Super Foods That Are Not Quite So Super

Three foods that are not actually good for you.

Super Foods That Are Not Quite So Super

Super foods. Those amazing natural foods that are said to be the key to immortality (or at least a long life). With the constant advertising on television, these healthy foods have become widely known in the world and they are still constantly being bought in an attempt to be healthy. These so called "miracle foods" are said to prevent disease, help you lose weight, and keep your body healthy. All in all, they sound amazing, right? Wrong.

Dr. Steven Gundry, the director of The International Heart and Lung Institute in Palms Springs, California, and the founder, and director, of the Center for Restorative Medicine in Palm Springs and Santa Barba, has spent most of his life helping people. He has studied many ways that are said to promote health and through this study he found that some foods were more harmful than not. He found that three foods specifically caused the most harm. Soy products, wheatgrass, and goji berries.

Soy products are not the healthy food that you might think they are. They cause digestive problems, immune system break downs, cognitive decline, some cancers, heart disease, and several others problems. He also found that soy practically drains the energy from the thyroid gland, leaving that person slow and sluggish on top of several other negative effects.

Wheatgrass is said to be healthy because of chlorophyll, but that is not true. There is a reason that humans cannot digest grass. In order to digest grass and get any nutrition from it would require four stomachs, something that we lack. Not only is the chlorophyll of wheatgrass is useless to us humans, the wheatgrass contains chemicals that will make you sick.

Goji berries are anything but the "miracle berry" created by the media. These berries are members of the nightshade plant, a highly poisonous plant that cause many problems with a human's immune system do to a toxic allergen called lectin. Lectin can cause joint pain, break down your intestinal walls, and thin blood vessels. As the body tries to fight off the effects of lectin, you are left feeling fatigued or sluggish.

As many know by now, not everything on television is true, and that includes some of the so-called "super" foods. To really be healthy, you cannot take shortcuts. You have to want to get healthy and stay committed to a plan on getting healthy. Eating different kinds of foods in order to stay healthy is fine, but ask someone that actually knows what they are talking about, not some actor paid to do a scene.

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